Something a Little Different

Monday, August 25, 2014

School started today. Ugh! So, I had to fill out my calendar with due dates and do a little research for a writing assignment. Which means I didn’t have much time for crafting after work today.  I did manage to get something done, but it’s not for the Fair.  I’m in 2 swaps on Ravelry that are still in progress, and I’m overdue in sending one on its way.

So, without further ado, meet Mr Moose, who will be sent to Homer, Alaska tomorrow. He will join the mini family at Jules’ home (or maybe her shop, CommuKnitty Stash). I hope to visit Jules, and Mr Moose, in Alaska someday.

Posing with the Northern Lights photo that Jules gave me:



On the windowsill of my office before flying off to Alaska:


(Pattern is Crocheted Moose Number 2 by aphid777.)


To keep this official…by doing a little Fair stuff everyday…here’s a pic of the tiny bit of progress made on the current project.



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