This Is My Game, So I Make the Rules

Thursday, August 28, 2014

I realize that the picture below does not look like I did any crafting tonight. Granted, I didn’t work on the Christmas ornament. BUT…I did get organized for my next project.  And that counts as progress on something.

After working on these 2 cross stitch items, I remembered why I don’t do it much anymore. I can’t freaking SEE! When you’re working with beige thread on beige fabric and you’ve got 50-year-old eyes, it’s not as fun as it was with 25-year-old eyes.

So, I’ve decided the next one will be crochet, what pattern it will be, and what yarn I will use (hence the picture of yarn).

You may ask, “Why not just finish one of the items you were going to make for this year’s Fair?” And that IS a very good question.

The answer is that the stuffed animal needs more work than I’m willing to invest right now. When something doesn’t turn out the way I want, I give up. (Hmmm…maybe that’s something I should talk to a therapist about.)  So, until I can get into the right frame of mind to work on him, he stays in the bag…without any legs.

As for the doily…I don’t like that I had to switch to a different color. It changes the entire look of the design. I love the pattern though, so I think I’m going to start over with it…making sure I have 2 balls of thread that are an exact match. I’ll finish the other one too…just not for the Fair.

Someone is probably getting a doily for Christmas. Sorry ’bout that.



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