The Wayward Doll

 Sunday, August 31, 2014

In the spring of 2013, I joined a Ravelry group called Around the World in 80 Days. Each member in the subgroup made a doll and sent her to an exotic location. The ladies in my group lived in Alaska, UK, Canada, Ireland, Oregon, and California. Every time a doll arrived, we were to make it a gift, take its picture in various settings, and then send it on its way. It was a great deal of fun, and I adore the women who were in my group.

The Irish doll never made it to her first stop in Canada. So, another was made and sent in her place. Just as were we all getting our dolls back about 6 months after they left home, the original Irish doll showed up in Ontario! We have no idea where she went nor the adventures she had. We took a vote and decided she would make the rounds, prompting my Irish friend to state, “Leave it to the Irish to keep the party going,”

The doll arrived at my house sometime in December. Right around the time things started to fall apart in my world. The other dolls had attended East Texas bonfires, rodeos, and cook offs, and they had posed with cows, horses, dogs, and Rednecks. One even got to ride on a fire truck…on its way to a fire! The latecomer attended the last party I attended in East Texas, which was on New Year’s Eve. It wasn’t long after that that I went through my “Father Knows Best” marathon phase. No fun photographing that!

Now that I’m crawling out from under a rock, the doll is too. She went with me to Colorado, and she is now ready to go to her next hostess’s home, thanks to me finally making her gift today.

It’s not a Fair item, but it crosses a commitment off my list of things I don’t have to feel guilty about not finishing.

Here is Mini WEllie in her Cape of Many Colors…



And here is my entire mini family, along with Mini WEllie in one of her last photos in Texas:



From left to right:

Flower Power Elephant (made for me by a Raveler in Germany as part of a Christmas swap)

Mini Leslie (made for me by a Raveler in Singapore for a swap where we made a doll for our partner)

Mini WEllie from Ireland

Purple dinosaur (a gift for my doll made by a Raveler in Canada when she was visiting there)

Mini Me (the doll I made and sent around the world)

Horsey (a gift for my doll from a Raveler in California, who took my doll on a trip to the Grand Canyon)

Tilly Owl (a mini pet made by a Raveler in Alaska…the person who is receiving the moose I showed earlier this week)

Mini Bella (also made by the Raveler in Alaska when my doll was visiting her)

Pupster (made as a gift by a Raveler in California…she wasn’t a part of the doll group, but she’s another of my friends on Ravelry)

If you’re on Ravelry and this group sounds like fun, then join us!


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