Focusing on the Positive

Sunday, September 21, 2014 (part 2)

After my earlier tirade against Apple, Microsoft, and Android, I figured my official crafting post of the day should highlight the positives. So, here we go…

I finished the test of the cowl pattern! I love how it turned out. Unfortunately, the camera didn’t capture an accurate picture of the color. Believe it or not, both pics below are of the same item.

I also started blocking the scarf. Here it is all laid out, and I’ll post a final pic when it’s dry.

Another accomplishment this weekend was I gave away some yarn on Ravelry in order to clear some space in my closet. I also organized one side of the closet and have the other side all set up to finish. It will have to wait until after my sister’s visit next weekend though.

Now that the cowl test is complete, I can get back to focusing on Fair stuff. I’ve gotta finish that cross stitch Christmas ornament and start the next crochet item, which I think will be nativity figures.

Signing off for tonight so I can read the next textbook chapter and work on my paper that’s due Thursday. Good night…to whomever is reading this..if there is anyone. 🙂