Trick or Treat?

Monday, September 22, 2014

The trick portion of this evening’s program is that I am still having issues with image uploads on my iPad…as are millions of other people. The Chrome solution for Ravelry only works sometimes. So far, Posts is still working for WordPress. It’s funny how there is uproar all over the Internet but Apple hasn’t said a word. It makes me think they don’t consider this to be a bug, but rather it is something we will all have to learn to live with.

The treat portion is that I love how the scarf looks after blocking! I’m going to go ahead and donate it for the fundraiser. It’ll be part of a raffle basket, and I hope the winner enjoys it. Thankfully, it’s made from a common yarn you can get at any big box craft store, so I can make another one exactly like it. 

Here are two pics of it. As with the cowl, it photographed differently indoors and outdoors. 

Another treat is the last item I’m making for the Halloween swap.  Can you guess what it is? 🙂 

Ok, smarty pants, can you guess what’s going to wear the ghost costume? Stay tuned and you’ll soon find out.