Progress Report

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Here’s a brief report on my progress, or lack thereof, on the various projects I’m working on…

Halloween swap – I ran out of the white yarn for the ghost I was making, so I replaced him with 2 other items and mailed the package today. (Note: the white yarn I used for the ghost below is a totally different type of yarn than what I was using for the other ghost.  Just sayin’.)


Sunflower doll – He still needs a few petals.  I’m seeing Donna this weekend so maybe I can get it finished and handed over to her.

Cross stitch Christmas ornament – There’s no pressing need to finish this since it’s a Fair entry, but I want to finish it soon.  What I need are a couple of nice days where I can open my curtains and use the sunlight to help me to see the work.  When I say “nice days” I mean days that are sunny but not hot because opening my curtains raises the temp in my apartment substantially.  It is NO FUN to stitch, or do anything else, when you’re sticking to the sofa.

Next Fair entry – I have hit a few roadblocks for what to make next, so I may just pick something and make it, even if it ends up as a Christmas gift instead of an entry.  I can do that with 10 months to go ’til turn-in.  I won’t be able to use that excuse come next June.

Fundraisers – I am on the fundraising committee for an event in February, so I need to get busy making stuff to sell or raffle.  I have a long list of crocheted and crafted items I want to make, so I really shouldn’t be without a hook in my hand for the next 4 months!

I’ll update this later if I do any crafting tonight.  A paper is due, so we’ll see!


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