Progress on Progress Report

Friday, October 3, 2014

My project list has grown since yesterday! I went through a box that had some patterns and other things in it, and I found several WIPs in it as well.

1. An octopus – Yes, an octopus. I was making it for a swap last year, and then the rules changed so I had to make something else. I need to finish him and maybe I can put him in the fundraising pile. Plus, he looks really creepy all splayed out in that box.

2. A doily centerpiece – This was going to be a Fair entry a couple years ago, but I didn’t enter anything that year. Sound familiar? Anyway…it’s quite large so it won’t qualify for a doily category, so if I finish it it’ll have to go as a Misc item…or it’ll be a fundraiser. There better be a bunch of little old ladies at this fundraiser, huh?

3. A baby bib – I was making this for someone’s baby, but I don’t even recall whose now. A co-worker’s wife had a baby yesterday though, so I’m going to finish it now. I’m also going to make some cute booties that I saw on Ravelry yesterday and bought the pattern. As if I didn’t already have a bunch of patterns to choose from.

4. A cool cross stitch piece about train travel – This was going to be a present for my dad. He died in 1992! The rules of the Fair say the item has to be completed within that year…doesn’t say anything about when it was started.

5. Butterfly cross stitch – A kit I bought about 5 years ago and never finished. I think it’ll sell in the fundraiser, too.

In addition to what I found in the box, I started another project tonight, plus I will be doing another test for a designer, and I decided on a doily pattern that lets me use that teal thread. And I found my stash of bookmark patterns that I needed for fundraising items. So…

5. Pink elephant bookends – Don’t ask.

6. Fat cat ornament – The test.

7. Petaled Doily – Fair entry for doilies up to 12″.

8. to 98. – Crapload of bookmarks.

I’m going to be riding in a car for 8 hours tomorrow, and I’m going to drag along a giant project bag. Will be interesting to see if I get anything done or just talk the whole way.



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