Lacks Improvisational Skills

Thursday, October 9, 2014

When I was a kid, if there had been a spot on our report cards that said, “Lacks Improvisational Skills,” the teacher would’ve put a big giant checkmark there for me.  I’ve had a problem with creative visualization all of my life.  Oh, I can make something if there’s a pattern…or a recipe…or at least a picture to go by.  Or, as in the case of jazz band when I was in high school, a music score to read from.  I actually had to have my jazz band director WRITE OUT a solo that was supposed to be improvised because I just couldn’t wrap my brain around the free flowing, let it go, make it up concept.  And it continues with yarn.

When I agreed to test the cat ornament pattern, I could picture in my head all the possibilities with various yarns in my stash.  The examples in the pattern show a striped cat, which I didn’t want to do because of all the color changes, but I wanted a colorful cat.  So I chose a sock yarn from my pile and started on it.  Hated it.  Don’t know why because pics of that yarn worked up into other things look really good.  I just wasn’t digging it for my cat, daddy-o.  So I chose another, lighter yarn with even more color diversity.  Hated it.  It just wasn’t catty enough, I think.  So I pulled out a really pretty solid ginger-colored yarn, thinking he’d look great with his green Christmas tree and red hat.  Hated it.  In the skein it looked bright and inviting; in my hands it turned into a Georgia red clay mudhole.

Since the test is due by next Saturday, I had to go back to the original yarn I chose since I’d gotten the farthest with it before setting it aside to try another.  Time is running out, so I see a lot of crocheting in my weekend.

One problem…I’ll be in the back seat of another vehicle tomorrow as friends & I drive to south TX to visit a dear friend whose health is not good.  I’ll pack up a bag with projects, but I don’t think much will get done.  On Sunday, I have a little fundraiser / meeting to attend, so my day will be broken up into parts as the function is smack dab in the middle of the day.

No pic to show as I did nothing on anything last night.  I had dinner with friends, attended a meeting, and was home on my couch by 10:00 and watching “Survivor.”  Some things do take precedence over crocheting.


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