1 1/2 Down, 1/2 To Go

Monday, October 20 thru Wednesday, October 22, 2014


After a long day involving a lack of sleep on Sunday, a vet visit for Bella (and the $218 bill that went with it), a malfunctioning DVR, a chapter to read for school, and a disinterest in crafting after rushing to finish the cat on Sunday, I didn’t do any crafting on Monday. Oh, wait…I did do some crocheting! I started the second square donation because the yarn I ordered (yes, I bought more yarn) came today.



Tuesday is the day I didn’t do any crafting. Dinner with friends after work. A meeting after dinner. A quiz to take when I got home. Jigsaw puzzle on the iPad. That’s it.


Finished the first square.


I might finish the other one before bed. Or I might watch “The Dick Van Dyke Show” and do another jigsaw puzzle. Geez…I am officially an old lady.


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