Riding the Roller Coaster

Thursday, October 23 thru Sunday, October 26, 2014

Whee!!!!  Riding the emotional roller coaster that is my life these days.  As a result, I’ve done very little crafting.

1. I made some more petals for Donna’s sunflower doll.  I have the petal pattern committed to memory, so I haven’t looked at the PDF in awhile.  I was thinking it had 10 petals and thought I was done.  Then I looked at the pattern and discovered it has 15, so I wasn’t done.  Have to make 4 more.

2. I finished the 2 squares for the chemo blankets.  Mailing them today (Monday).


Things that prevented me from crafting:

Negatives (I’ve learned to close with a positive, so I’ll start with the negative): Getting older (turned 51 on Saturday), no boyfriend and no prospects, house is a wreck due to lack of time and lack of motivation, no wi-fi service at home due to Time Warner’s screw-up and won’t have it ’til 10/31 when AT&T gets installed (TW pissed me off for the last time so I switched), Bella’s health is still not back to 100%.

Positives: Spent a lot of time with friends the past few days who made my birthday a wonderful day.


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