Where, Oh Where, Have You Been?

Saturday, October 1 thru Tuesday, October 4, 2014


I started making a cowl out of the red yarn I bought at lunch yesterday.  I love it!!  One problem…there’s not enough to finish it.  And another problem…it was a clearance yarn, so there may not be any more of it at the store.  I’ll be headed there when they open in the morning.  (See post below for a pic of the cowl…it’s the red one, obviously).


I searched high & low for more of that red yarn.  Went to 3 JoAnn Fabric stores, which is the only retailer that carries that brand.  No luck!  I’ve asked my niece to look at her store in Colorado.  I even asked my sister to check while she’s on vacation in New Orleans this week.  Yeah, like that’ll happen!  But, I’m that desperate.

Thankfully, it’s available online at knitting-warehouse.com, so if push comes to shove (what does that mean??), I can get one there.  It just won’t be a $3 scarf anymore, so our fundraising profit will be less.  (Actually, the conference will get all the $ since I’m donating these at my cost.)

I did buy 2 other colorways of it at one of the stores, and I worked up a swatch of each.  I like them both, so I’ve added these colors to the red my niece is hunting for.  Top one is Veranda; bottom one is Hummingbird.  They’re Premier Yarns Hipster.  Just in case you have some you’re willing to part with.



Here’s a look at the WIPs I added to my list this weekend.  I’d have finished the Raspberry cowl if I’d had enough yarn.  And the bear isn’t done simply because I freaking hate to sew.  The potholder is a sweetener for a Ravelry swap, and I’ll finish it in the next day or two.  If I don’t start over, that is.  I really do hate that yarn.

FullSizeRender1 FullSizeRender


That sickly looking swatch on top of the Raspberry cowl is a lot bigger now.  I worked on it last night but I didn’t take a pic.  Will update this later with one.  I’ve got my usual Tuesday (and Thursday) dinner with friends tonight, so I may not be posting anything other than another bad pic in bad light.


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