Wine is Better than Salmon

Thursday, October 6, 2014

I don’t know why I get lured in by pretty colors when I KNOW that variegated yarns, especially inexpensive ones, will almost always let me down.  Case in point: the variegated kitchen cotton I was using for the potholder.  It is called Salmon Royale.  I had it in my will trade or sell pile, but since the person I’m making the potholder for likes purple, I thought it might work.  Wrong answer!

It looks horrid (ignore the bear on the right):


I found a kitchen cotton twist in a color I didn’t have.  It’s called Vineyard Twists, and I’m making the potholder out of it instead:


It’s not easy to tell in this pic (looks better if you click on it and enlarge it), but the yarn has purple, green, and pink in it.  Surprisingly, those are about the same colors as the other one, but what a difference!


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