Back to Work

??? to Today, December 2, 2014

No, I haven’t given up on my State Fair dreams, nor have I stopped crocheting.  Not completely.

I took my crocheting to the yard sale for the second weekend in a row, but I wasn’t able to work on anything because we were too busy.  I was tired Saturday night, and I packed and cleaned on Sunday.

Then I went out of town for the week of Thanksgiving.  And, although I took a project bag full of yarns, hooks, stitch markers, and patterns, I think I crocheted ONE row on ONE cowl.

I left work at noon on Monday (Nov 24) and was on the road by 1:00.  It’s a boring drive from here to…well…until you get into the mountains, but it’s especially boring between here and Amarillo.  There was a gorgeous sunset outside of Clarendon though.


I stopped in Amarillo for the night, and that’s where I crocheted the row.  It was slow-going as it’s a slip stitch pattern, and I got bored.  And tired.  So I went to sleep.

On Tuesday night I was in Colorado, and we played Bingo at the Elks Lodge in Gunnison.  I didn’t win anything, but my brother-in-law won $15.  Woo hoo!  It cost him $17 to play though, I think.

On Wednesday we mostly cooked and prepped for Thursday.  My brother-in-law said there was a huge herd of elk just off the highway south of Crested Butte, so we drove down there to see them.  I have never seen a herd of wild animals as large as this one.  It was quite impressive!


My brother-in-law called again a little later and said there were bighorn sheep across the road from where he keeps his horses in Almont in the winter.  So, we drove down there to see them.  They’re not as obvious as the elk, nor as plentiful.  Look for a sheep butt to the right of the big rock in the center of the photo.


We also played cards on Wednesday and got caught up on Sons of Anarchy together.  I think we were in bed by 9:00!

Thanksgiving Day was gorgeous!  (Unlike Tuesday evening when I arrived.  It was nearly dark, and it was snowing, and the road to my sister’s house hadn’t been plowed.  I missed her driveway by about 3″ and my brother-in-law had to push me out of the snowbank.)


On Thursday, we waited for my niece to arrive so we didn’t have dinner until about 7pm.  Here are Bella (on the right) and her new friend Brother watching for the guests to arrive so we could eat.  (Not really.  I think they saw a neighbor’s dog.)  Bella and I both fell in love with Brother, who belongs to a friend of my sister’s who had gone home for Thanksgiving.  My brother-in-law told Brother’s dad that I wanted to take him back to Texas with me.  He said that Brother loves hard and then moves on so I’d be better off if I just forgot about him.  Easier said than done. 😉


We didn’t go down to Gunnison on Thursday to shop at Walmart.  We realized we are truly blessed as there was not a single thing in their ad that we needed nor needed to buy for anyone else.  However…on Friday we did go to Gunnison to shop.  We hit a couple of thrift / resale shops, the grocery store, and…yes…Walmart.  We also had lunch with my niece, one of her roommates, and her roommate’s mother.  It was a nice afternoon.  We decided to stay in Friday night, rather than go into town for dinner, so we played cards again and wondered how in the hell it had gotten to be Friday night already.

On Saturday, we made this “snowman” before going to town for a late breakfast.  This was the best we could do in dry snow.


Spent the night in Raton, NM on Saturday night, and I was exhausted.  I grabbed just some basic essentials and we settled in for the night.  We didn’t even go out to eat.  Bella ate half a can of dog food (and finished it sometime in the middle of the night).  I raided my snack stash and ate Goldfish crackers and bite-size Snickers.  Healthy!

Then on Sunday, we braved the crazy fools in the let’s-drive-really-fast-so-we-can-get-home holiday traffic and made it home by 5pm.  I got caught up on some TV watching (Survivor, Amazing Race, Mom) and went to bed early.  Bella went to sleep a little earlier than I did.


I didn’t pick up a crochet hook again until last night.  I started working on the ornaments for the swap that’s due in a couple weeks.  I looked and looked for the PERFECT pattern, and now that I’ve started I’m not so sure about them.  I brought my project bag to work and may play with them some more at lunch.  Or I’ll look for another pattern. 🙂


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