I’d Better Get Really, Really Busy!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


With only 28 days left until the end of the year, I am seriously doubting that I will complete all of my crafting goals for 2014.

From my Ravelry profile, here they are:

My Crafting Goals for 2014
Finish organizing & listing my stash. DONE! 3/14/14 (now I have to keep it organized!)
Learn at least one new skill…knit, knook, sew, needle felt or Tunisian crochet.
Finish at least 1 cross stitch WIP, such as the retro birds or the dog squares.
Complete the following crochet projects:
**FOR THE STATE FAIR OF TEXAS** – I turned in NOTHING for the Fair this year – I did start a blog about it though, which you can read if you have nothing else to do: An (Un)Fair Life
NEW Projects
Fractal Doily for my coffee table
Wristers for Shirley & Olivia (and me?)
Beagle for Mark – or a needle felted one if I can figure out how from the DVD I just bought
Over the Willamette – COMPLETED 9/13/14! Donated to a fundraiser.
Any of ScatteredDahlias’ hats
Through the Woods
Hexapuff Christmas Tree
Diamond Cowl
Neptune’s Tears
Stone City Scarf
Pruche Cowl/Hat
Harbour City Cowl
Nordstrom’s Purse
Shore Thing Scarf
Zig Zag Wrap
Brown Hound
Vintage Fan Ripple Stitch Afghan
Dewey Decicowl for ME
WIP Projects
Eat-Play-Sleep blanket for Carrie – left this too long and my gauge is way different, so it’s scrapped for now – made a Star Blanket for her instead
Frank the Rooster for Rodney – off my WIP list since our break turned into a break-up 😦 – I still have hope in my stupid heart that someday we can pick it back up again, and if that happens, I’ll pick up this again
Sashay and Red Pineapple doilies to get them out of my closet
Ocean Waves Scarf for ??
Amigurumi Sailor Octopus because he looks so sad (and creepy) sprawled out in the box in my closet.
Sadly, this is not a complete list of all the items I want to make. There are also numerous tape measure covers and owls. Always owls.

My thoughts:

  • I MAY learn how to needle felt or Tunisian crochet, depending on how much time off we get around the holidays.
  • I definitely won’t finish any of my cross stitch WIPs, unless it’s the Christmas ornament I started for the Fair.
  • I highly doubt that I will start/complete any of the projects under New, unless it’s maybe the Beagle for Mark, which would fall under learning to needle felt
  • And I also highly doubt that I’ll finish any of the WIPs on the above list since none of them are pending as gifts, conference fundraisers, or Fair items

There’s another super-secret WIP list (that you can see on my Ravelry projects page), which incorporates all my unfinished Fair items, scarves for the conference fundraiser, and the Gift-A-Long items.  Those are more likely to be finished.  Maybe.

Okay…how’s this for controlling the time I already have?  During lunch today, I did some work on the red cowl I showed a few posts back.  I managed to do 5 rows in one hour.  Based on the number of remaining rows, it will take me about 23 hours to complete this thing.  If I do absolutely nothing else, maybe I could finish it this weekend.


However, I also have to make ornaments for a swap and finish the mini item for another swap.  And make something for a gift exchange.

So much for taking control and planning well.


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