2 Out of 3

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Last night I managed to nearly complete 2 of the 3 ornaments for a swap.

My snowman just needs his eyes glued on and the pompom attached to his hat.  And my sheep just needs to be glued together.  I think I’m going to have to turn his ears upside down because he looks like Yoda right now.


Since I didn’t feel like digging out the glue gun last night, I picked up another project to work on until bedtime.  It’s the Stitch Sampler Cowl I added to my Gift-A-Long projects.  If I can finish it by 12/20, I think I’ll use it for the gift exchange at a friend’s Christmas party.  I’m praying I don’t run out of yarn because I can’t find this colorway anywhere!  No one on Ravelry is selling it (and there are only 3-4 people who even have it in their stash), and none of the retailers have it in stock either.  I will say that I love working with this yarn.  It’s Koigu KPM.  Color 1018 in case you have any for sale.



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