I’m Grateful I Have a Job, but…

Monday, December 8 thru Thursday, December 11, 2014


I am really grateful for the wonderful job I have.  I work with a group of men I highly respect, and they treat me like a queen.


I would still love to win the lottery and sit on a deck attached to my modest dream home, tucked in the woods outside Seattle, and crochet my little hands off every single day.  I would listen to NPR and Barenaked Ladies on the radio as the sound is piped through speakers tucked into the eaves so they don’t get wet from all that Pacific Northwest rain.  I would lounge on a big comfy outdoor sofa under a retractable awning (because some days the sun does shine) while I make scarves and shawls, fingerless mittens and beanie hats, amigurumi and project bags.  I would buy madelinetosh merino light in all the blue, teal, green, purple colorways I covet and make all the things on my Ravelry wish list.


The reality is that I have only a couple of hours each day to do all the things a person must do between work and sleep.  There’s laundry.  There’s grocery shopping.  There’s dishwashing.  There’s bed-making.  There’s vacuuming.  (Ok, so I don’t do that last one as often as I should.)  Since I live alone, every single errand and chore must be done by me (Bella can be a lazy bum sometimes), and all that running around and bill paying and other daily crap gets in the way of my crochet time!


This week I’ve managed to do as much as I could do with the few hours I have at my disposal.  I did several more rows on the Venetian Carnival cowl, but the more it goes the less I’m liking the yarn.  So it went from gift status to “I hope this would make at least $5 at the conference fundraiser” status.  That means I had to come up with SOMETHING ELSE for the gift exchange on the 20th.  I decided to make some fingerless gloves using one of the yarns I dyed.  I finished one in a few hours and am almost done with the second.  Should finish Friday night.  I found some fun options for embellishments at Joann Fabrics yesterday, so I will probably be making more than 1 pair.

Will update with pics on Friday evening.



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