Warm Hands and Superheroes

Saturday, December 13 thru Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I was pretty scattered this weekend, trying to get everything ready to ship off to Colorado for my family to celebrate their Christmas.  Without me.  (Only without me because I was just there for T’giving and can’t really afford to go up there again so soon.)  I did manage to wrap everything except the 2 handmade items I didn’t get finished until Monday evening and Tuesday afternoon.  I also assembled a stool that I bought at Kohl’s so I can eat at my bar rather than on the couch.  I’ve lived there 2 years without a stool, but I suddenly decided I neeeeeeeded one.  I did countless loads of laundry (ok, maybe 4).  I listed some more postcards on eBay.  So, it was a pretty productive weekend.  Except I yet again did NOTHING for the Fair nor conference fundraising stuff.

I finished the fingerless gloves though!  I love how they turned out! Finally got a good pic that shows the true colors of the yarn.  I decided to give this pair to my niece, and I’ll make another pair for the gift exchange on Saturday.


I also finished the Batman Minion for my nephew.  He is adorable!


No worries about spoiling anyone’s Christmas surprise with this post.  The last people who would be reading this are my niece and nephew.


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