The Elusive Debbie Doily … Elusive No More!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I am a pattern whore. I have stacks of magazines and books in a cabinet I purchased simply for storing patterns. I have an external hard drive on which I store digital patterns. And, yet, I’m always excited to add a new pattern to my library. Today was a banner day. There is a doily pattern on Ravelry called “Debbie.” It was designed by the wonderful Patricia Kristofferson, and I have several pattern books that feature her work. Well, the Debbie doily’s Ravelry listing said it used to be available for $2.99, and I couldn’t find it anywhere. I posted a comment on the listing, asking if anyone knew what book it might be in. That was a year ago. Well…today…a kind Ravelry member wrote to tell me she found it as a single pattern on Amazon for Kindle!! Needless to say, I promptly purchased it.

So…let me introduce you to Debbie…


This pic is from Ravelry user mixnuts’ project page.

Debbie is officially my next Fair project when I have time to work on it.


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