If You Find Something You Like, Stick With It

Thursday, December 18, 2014

No, I’m not talking about men. That statement does apply, but you’re not always in control of whether or not the sticking lasts. So, I’m instead talking about a crochet pattern.

It’s rare for me to make the same pattern more than once. Why should I when there are literally thousands on Ravelry to choose from…and thousands of them are in my cabinet and on my hard drive. But, I found an easy, fun-to-make fingerless gloves pattern. I’ve now made 3 pair and will start on my 4th tomorrow.

The first pair was going to be for the gift exchange at a friend’s family party on Saturday. But then I realized I needed one more gift for my niece so she got them instead. I started on another pair for the exchange and realized I needed another item for a swap. It includes the hat I made last month so I figured I’d make some gloves to match. So, I set aside the 2nd pair to make the 3rd. Well…somehow one glove ended up a little smaller than the other. I decided to keep that pair and started on another…a 4th pair!!

I just finished them, and tomorrow I’ll go back to the 2nd pair, which will be the 4th pair I’ll make. Confused yet??

You’ve seen the first pair before. Here’s the 2nd pair (the lopsided ones I’ll keep). I didn’t add any embellishments after I decided to keep them. ¬†Maybe I’ll add some buttons later.


And here is the 3rd pair I finished for the swap I’ll mail tomorrow. I like the brass buttons and chains


#4 will be made from the same yarn as #1’s…the hand dyed yarn.

Who knows…maybe I’ll go for a 5th. And I don’t mean vodka. At least not tonight.


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