Christmas Crafting Complete! (I think)

Friday, December 19 thru Saturday, December 20, 2014

I think I’m done. I hope I’m done.

Mittens for the gift exchange. The person who ended up with them seemed pleased.

image image

A scarf I made for my friend, Jerri, using merino wool and POSSUM yarn from New Zealand.


When I got home from the party, I started working on conference stuff. I finished 1 bookmark and started a 2nd. Only about 100 more to go. Along with everything else on my To Do list.

Unfortunately, at the top of my To Do list is a call to Samsung on Monday to schedule a repair call. My 2-year-old washing machine stopped draining sometime during the load I put in Friday night. Great to wake up to a washer full of water. And the 900-pound blanket that was full of water too.  It’s on my patio now, drying. Maybe it will be dry enough to put in the dryer by next Tuesday!

The fun just never ends around here!!


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