A New Year to Obsess Over Crochet

Monday, December 29, 2014 thru Monday, January 5, 2015


Based on the first 5 days of this year, my book is apparently going to be about crochet.

Ever since I learned Tunisian crochet (what’s it been, a week?), I have been obsessed!

I made a dishcloth just for grins.


Then I started on a scarf.  It was going to be a conference fundraiser item and the pattern I chose is the Autism Awareness Scarf because the theme this year has to do with puzzle pieces.  I bought some yarns in “trendy” colors and was loving how it works up.  Then I finished reading the pattern.  You have to make the scarf TWICE and then sew both pieces together.  I knew that my attention span would maybe manage to get one side done.  Due to the colorwork, a back side is essential.  The other option would be to sew fabric on the back.  Me and sewing do not get along.  So, I’ve abandoned this project.  It was looking good though…especially since it was my first ever Tunisian colorwork project. (Will add a pic later.)

I decided to go with something a little less ambitious.  What’s less ambitious than a scarf?  Well, an AFGHAN, of course!  Yes, I’ve lost my mind.  I decided to make the Lone Star Baby afghan and try to finish it in time to raffle at the conference.  If I did the math correctly, I have about 50 hours worth of work to do on it.  If I crochet 2 hours per day, I can finish it.  With school starting in 2 weeks, I’d better try for 3 or more hours to get a jump on the days when I won’t have 2 hours.

I’ve also made a couple more bookmarks to sell at the conference.

image_medium457 image_medium1252 image_medium2359

And I’ve made a lot of progress on the other afghan for the raffle.  Only 6 or 7 rounds to go, which means I could actually finish this in a week if I do one per day.  Last night I did 1 and a half!  AND I did 3 rows on the Tunisian one.

What about the FAIR, you ask?  Do not despair.  I will enter stuff in the Fairs.  I just may not start on any of it until Feb 23 (post-conference).


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