Time Flies!

Wednesday, January 28 thru Friday, February 13, 2015

Screen Shot 2012-07-10 at 12.01.31 PM

Wasn’t it New Year’s Day just a few days ago????  I can’t figure out how we are already in mid-February!

I used to think that Friday the 13th really was an unlucky day.  For years I was able to recite all the bad things that had happened on previous Friday the 13ths.  Then I realized that it wasn’t just Friday the 13th that was unlucky; it was my life. 🙂  Oh, I do have a lot to be grateful for…don’t get me wrong…but I’m also one of the unluckiest people around.  But, as a friend said last night (about something entirely different though), “Stop telling that story.”  So, I’m going to stop telling the story of the unlucky girl.  Maybe I was keeping the lucky vibes from getting through.  Worth a shot, I suppose.

So, where have I been, you ask?  Well, let me tell you…

Work, school, crochet, repeat.

The conference is one week from today!  I’m excited and scared and will be relieved when it’s over.  I have been finishing up all kinds of projects (although the afghan STILL needs a few more rounds).  Here’s what I’ve accomplished though…

I finished the Tunisian dishcloth from the Crochet-A-Long in one of the Ravelry groups I’m in.  This has nothing to do with the conference, a Fair, or even a planned gift.  Instead, I’m going to participate in this CAL all year and hopefully have 12 cloths when I’m done.  Then, maybe next year I can throw them in a basket with some other stuff for a raffle entry at the 2016 conference.  To make it a bit more interesting, I’m looking for a picture that represents each month and trying to match the yarn to that inspirational picture.  (Which isn’t all that easy when you only have kitchen cottons to choose from.)  January’s inspiration was this pretty photograph that was entered in a contest (http://www.pxleyes.com/photography-contest/13006/january.html).


And this is my completed cloth.  I need to take a better photo of it.  I got caught up in the idea of trying to use the calendar with the cloth, and I ended up with a terrible pic of the cloth.


I also made 4 more bookmarks to sell at the conference before deciding that I was sick of making bookmarks.

String of Teal Pearls:


Bring Back the ’90s:


Barb’s Butterfly:


Cascading Delft Blue Petals:


The butterfly was so easy to make that I ended up making nearly 20 more of them.  Well, actually, they’re just pairs of butterfly wings because I didn’t make bodies or antennae.  I was going to glue a magnet on the backs of them, but it showed through too much, so I’m leaving them as-is.  Buyers can then make what they want out of them.  These were made with DMC variegated embroidery floss.  I call them my Flock of Butterflies.  Before next weekend, I MIGHT find some time to make a few more.  Especially since I seem to have 19 of them.  Gotta have at least 20, right?

image_mediumd2 image_mediumz2

Let’s see…what else?  Oh, yeah, I also participated in a couple other Crochet-A-Longs.  One was for Calypso the Kooky Owl and the other was for a Bath Puff with Hearts.  I’m going to sell Calypso at the conference, but I may keep the puff. 🙂

image_mediumc2 image_medium2d

I also made some ribbon & button bookmarks and some trivets using old calendar pages and tiles from Home Depot.  I need to take some pics of those before I (hopefully) sell them next weekend.

I should also take pics of the 2 raffle baskets I put together.  One is a Teach Yourself to Knit / Crochet basket and the other is a Cross Stitch kits basket.  I figure I should turn on some more folks to the insanity of crafting.

Finally, I put the finishing touches on my Thick & Thin Teddy.  He sat in a project bag for months, essentially finished but lacking a nose and mouth.  Hope someone adopts him at the conference…if he makes it there.  He might accidentally get left at home.



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