Made It !

Saturday, February 14 thru Sunday, March 1, 2015

Well, I made it through the conference, and I made it through the ice & snow, and now I’m back to working on Fair stuff!

First, the conference…we were overwhelmed with the generous donations we received.  From raffle baskets to 3(!) handmade quilts to homemade jellies and more.  We don’t have an official money count for what we took in, but we feel OK about saying it’s around $5,000!  We took in nearly $1,000 between 3pm and 10pm on Friday!

A couple of notes about stuff I made for the conference…

The butterflies and bookmarks were big hits, so I’m glad I took the time to make them.  I hope to make double the quantities for next year.  The afghan was won by a lovely lady who had donated some of her photography to sell.  She seemed so happy to receive it, so it went to a great home.  And then there’s the little green teddy bear.  I took him but didn’t put him out to sell.  He was sitting on a chair next to our sales area, and a woman asked about him.  I told her I wasn’t sure about selling him after all, but I asked what she’d offer.  She started telling me about her daughter and about some struggles their family has gone through lately, so I ended up giving her the bear to take home to her daughter.  We both cried and we talked awhile, and I felt like he went to a great home too.

Then (THANKFULLY!) Dallas was hit with an ice storm (well, we got some sleet & freezing rain…not really a full-blown ice storm).  It shut down everything on Monday, which means I got to recuperate from the conference.  I also got to lounge around a little on Tuesday morning as we opened the office late.  The biggest blessing came on Friday, when we got several inches of beautiful snow (while I was at work), thus causing school to shut down that night, which spared me from having to give my speech until next Friday.


As a result of the bad weather and sheer laziness, I spent the entire weekend at home, crocheting.  It was glorious!  It was the first weekend in weeks that I had no commitments.  So, I started working on stuff to enter into the Hunt County Fair next month.  Turn-in will be Monday, April 13 between 3:00 and 7:30, so I’ll have to rush over after work.

Remember the Debbie doily I mentioned a couple months ago?  Of course you do! 🙂  Well, I had started on it in late December and then had to set it aside to work on conference stuff.  I wanted to pick it up again this weekend, but I couldn’t find the project bag I stuck it in.  So, I started over.  By the time I went to bed on Saturday night, I’d finished 25 of the 29 rounds of the pattern!  It looks lovely.  I have no idea why I didn’t take a progress pic, but I’ll do that tonight.  I worked on it a little on Sunday, but I made slow progress.  Round 26 is all popcorn stitches, which are time-consuming, so I took a lot of breaks.  Then, when I got about halfway around on round 27, I realized that one set of popcorn stitches was wrong (I’d made 4 clusters of 2 each instead of 5 clusters), so I had to rip it out to that point.  Grrrrrr!!!!

Another thing I did was resurrect the Eat, Play, Sleep, Repeat blanket.  I have no idea why it was bugging me so much that this thing was sitting in my closet.  There are so many other WIPs in there to choose from, but I felt like I needed to do something with this, despite having no one to give it to right now.  I had put it aside last year when I realized that my long delays between working on it had resulted in some serious tension issues.  There was no fixing it, so I frogged it, and I started over on it too this weekend!  I guess it’s going to be a Fair entry, provided I finish it this time!  It’s a cute pattern, so if it comes out straight, I think it will be Fair-worthy.  And then I can donate it next February as a raffle item at the conference.

Here are pics of the things I made since my last post here…

I finished the afghan on Valentine’s Day!  I washed it and dried it and it looked and smelled so nice when it was all done.


I completed my bookmark-making frenzy with these 3 ladybug bookmarks.  They’re so easy and fun to make.  I need to find some more ladybug buttons to make more.


A scarf that I think I’m actually going to KEEP for ME.  It’s the yarn from the Stitch Sampler Cowl.  I had to frog that cowl since I wasn’t going to have enough of the yarn, and I thought I might sell the scarf at the conference.  But, then I couldn’t find the pearl buttons that I know I bought a couple months ago, and I didn’t have anything else that looked right, so it wasn’t ready to sell.  So, I may now own a scarf that I made!  (I think it’s only the 2nd item I’ve kept.)  The pattern is Dragon Tail Neckerchief (see the link on the pattern listing page), but I call it my Princely Dragon Tail since I got this lovely scarf from yarn I frogged.  Get it?  (Yeah, I’m a dork.)



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