Couple of Quick Notes

Monday, March 2 thru Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Here’s a pic of the Debbie doily in progress.  I’m actually on the LAST ROUND, but it’s going slowly because it’s a tedious round.  Lots of picots, which I HATE!  This is a terrible pic in terrible light.  It doesn’t represent the color well at all, but you can at least see some of the doily’s texture.  And it’s proof that I have been working on it! 🙂


I also made some progress on the Venetian Carnival cowl.  (The second one I started, in case you’re keeping track.)  It’s got a couple of “issues” due to the splitty nature of the yarn, so I’m not sure if I’ll deem it Fair worthy or not.  But, it’s a nice portable project so it’s getting some lovin’ right now.  The doily is certainly portable, but I’d have to have the pattern with me too, whereas the cowl is just FPDC, BPDC across the row until it reaches 20″.  Even I can follow that pattern!  The afghan I started over last weekend is in no way portable and also requires a pattern due to the bobble stitches that spell out the words.

Last night, I actually FINISHED SOMETHING!  WOO HOO!  I had a doily from about 4 years ago that was in my WIP box, and I decided to see how much I had left to do on it.  There were only 3 rounds to go on a fairly small (approx 10″) doily.  That just shows you how ridiculous I can be about finishing things.  Why, in 4 years, have I not finished this???  Well, there are a couple of reasons.  I tend to make things with a definite purpose in mind…gift, swap, Fair item.  If I discover while working on it that it’s not going to work…not good enough, not going to be done in time, don’t like the yarn/pattern, too difficult, etc…then I shift gears.  Once the item no longer has an intended purpose, then I don’t finish it because I’ve moved onto the next gift, swap, or Fair item.  This year though, I’m going to TRY to get my WIP box cleared out.  Even if that means frogging stuff that I know I’ll never finish, or can’t finish because I don’t have the patience, or it’s going to look awful due to tension issues.  Other than the afghan I started over, none of them would require a huge time commitment to finish.  Only obstacle is that I always seem to have something more fun / useful / Fair worthy to work on!

The doily I finished around 12:30am is currently blocking, so I’ll post a pic when it’s dry.  2 points for me!  Actually, it really IS worth 2 points.  In the KYS group on Ravelry, there’s a WIP event going on, and anything started prior to Feb 1, 2015 qualifies for 2 points when it’s done.


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