2 Entries!

Thursday, March 5 thru Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I finished the Debbie doily!  I didn’t like how the picots were looking, so I left them off.  I still need to block it but that won’t be too difficult, thanks to the bamboo thread.


You can see a few curls on the last round, which will be flattened in blocking.  And I’ll cut off the loose ends before I turn it in as a Fair entry. 🙂

I also finished the Sashay doily that I started years ago.  I think I’ll turn it into the Hunt County Fair next month, too.


I also resurrected the Red Pineapple Doily, but it’s now the Pink Pineapple Doily.  I must’ve frogged the red one because it’s not in my WIP box.  I like the design, so I decided to use some nice pink bamboo thread and start it over.  Here’s a progress pic, although it’s in terrible light.


Last night before I went to bed, I finished the main body and now have to do the outside edge, which is the part that tripped me up last time.

Speaking of bed, I have to relate the weirdest night’s sleep I’ve had in…well…I think forever.  I’ve been dealing with a cold the last few days, and I was feeling pretty good but wanted to take something to assure I’d sleep well…no coughing, able to breathe, etc.  I was out of Nyquil, so I did something I really hate to do.  I took a sinus pill.  Anything with diphenhydramine gives me not just restless legs but restless body, but I was hoping it wouldn’t be too bad.  Boy, was I wrong!  When I was actually asleep, I had the oddest dreams.  In one, I was moving my belongings out of some type of warehouse, with the assistance of two guys I had dated…one in my 20s and one in my 40s.  Neither of them were much help.  So, I got Peter Jennings on the phone.  Yes, that Peter Jennings…the ABC news anchor.  He wasn’t much help either.  When I got my stuff to the friend’s house where it was going to be stored in the garage, there wasn’t enough room.  It was like doing a jigsaw puzzle to get all the boxes in there.  Then my aunt and a cousin showed up.  No idea where they came from, but they were asking me why I didn’t eat dinner but did eat dessert. 🙂  In those weird moments where I was awake but also asleep, I kept replaying stuff from the TV show “Empire” that I had binge-watched before bed last night.  Then, the most unusual part was where I kept trying to categorize adjectives.  I wouldn’t allow one word to describe two different things.  Such as, “enormous” couldn’t describe the ocean and an elephant because they are different.  It was maddening!  Every time I’d try to fully awaken to stop the insanity of the adjective game in my head, I couldn’t do it.  I will never, ever take another sinus pill before bed.


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