So Very Pleased With Myself

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Despite feeling like doo-doo (cold hasn’t gone away yet), I am so pleased that I managed to complete 2 items to enter in the Hunt County Fair.  No, it’s not the “big show,” aka the State Fair, but it’s still the accomplishment of a goal.  For someone who can set a bunch of goals but then lose sight of them very easily, having 2 completed items with a few weeks left before turn-in is so exciting for me.  It was only 6 months ago that I swore to never attempt anything like this again.  I was mad at myself, mad at the world.  But, thanks to the healing power of crochet and to friends on Ravelry and in the “real world,” I didn’t give up completely.  Oh, and I also have that cross stitch piece I made last summer.  I haven’t found the right frame for it though.

I’m hoping to complete a few more items before mid-April.  If the Pink Pineapple turns out OK, I’ll enter it too.  I’d also like to make at least 1 scarf or cowl and 2 toys.  We’ll see how that goes.  I ordered the yarns for the toys, and it’s safe to say I have plenty of options to choose from for a scarf.

Stay tuned to see if I meet these goals or end up driving just 2 doilies to Greenville on April 13.


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