Not So Fast

Thursday, March 12, 2015

It never fails.  As soon as I pat myself on the back, I’m shown that I’m not “all that.”  It doesn’t matter if it’s related to work, school, crochet, relationships, whatever.  God or karma or whomever steps in and goes, “Hold your horses, missy.”

I’m taking a speech class this semester.  It’s one of 2 classes I need to graduate (am also taking a PE class, which is the other one).  I’ve dreaded it but it’s turning out to be great.  I enjoy the teacher, my classmates (all young enough to be my kids, for the most part), and the subject.  One thing that we’ve been taught is to visualize success.  That may work for some, but it’s always been a no-go for me.  As soon as I see myself succeeding, or if I relax and let my guard down, then something happens to let me know I’m not successful and shouldn’t relax.

Case in point: The Pink Pineapple

I was so excited yesterday about having 2 doilies ready for the Fair.  I figured the Pink Pineapple would be #3.  Well, I don’t think it’s gonna fly.  Although I thought I’d followed the pattern to a T, when I blocked the doily last night, it didn’t block into the shape of a heart like it’s supposed to do.  Granted, the Fair judges won’t know it’s supposed to be a heart, but I know.  It looks fine as doilies go, but it doesn’t look the way I want it to look.  I screwed up somewhere.  So much for patting myself on the back yesterday.  I’m smacking myself upside the head today.

Here’s what the doily is supposed to look like, based on its photo from the pattern book:

Annie's Attic 870615 - Heart Doily Delights - 02

It clearly shows the pineapple center, but it’s also an obvious heart shape.  There are 14 “points” along each side.

Now, here is mine, with its 14 “points” along each side too, on the blocking mat:


Again, it looks perfectly acceptable, but it’s clearly not a heart.  And, although the pattern’s name is “Red Pineapple,” it comes from a pattern book called “Heart Doily Delights” (designs by Carolyn Christmas, published by Annie’s Attic).  So, it’s supposed to be a heart.

So, I suppose I do have 3 doilies to enter, if I choose to do so.  But, there’s nothing like having cold water thrown on your doily parade to throw you back into humility.


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