Counting Down Quickly!

Friday, March 13 through Tuesday, March 17, 2015

When I logged in here today, I couldn’t believe that the Hunt County Fair countdown is now counting down by days!  I’ve got to finish all my projects!  NOW!

Here’s what’s on the hooks with just **26** days to go!


Mr. Whistle (above) – a cute stuffed toy – I’ve only got about 3/4 of his pants done as the yarn just arrived this week – he may not make it to Hunt County but instead make it to the State Fair (fingers crossed)

Gathering Leaves – a pretty scarf/shawlette – this is my first Lily Go design, and I’m learning why she’s so popular – her patterns are written beautifully! – there’s no question about whether you’re working in the right stitch – this was started on a whim, so I may not finish it in time either


El Cielo (above) – this is a restart of the La Mar Cowl – I switched to a different yarn that is easier to use when working slip stitches – if I can get some extended crocheting time, there’s no reason I can’t get this turned in – I’m a lot further along than what this picture shows – I was making great progress until my “nudge the yarn” fingernail broke

Lone Star Armadillo – this is the little guy who didn’t make it to the Fair last year – if I can get motivated to remake his legs and sew them on, he might get another chance

Extravagant Doily – the doily that didn’t make it last year either – still sitting in my coffee table / bench in its project bag – with 3 other doilies finished and ready to enter, I doubt I’ll bother with this frustrating mess

Rose Roxy – the rose doll I planned to do in yellow instead of red – the yarn arrived yesterday, so it’s probably not going to make it to Hunt County but may make it by August

So…it may not be as great a showing as I’d hoped, but I’m gonna keep plugging along for the next 26 days.  With school and work getting in the way, that will go by very quickly!  In fact, I can’t do much at all until the weekend as I have 2 papers to write, along with a speech to practice.

Here are a couple of better pics of 2 of the finished doilies:




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