Productivity City!

Wednesday, March 25 through Sunday, March 29, 2015

I can’t believe how much I got done this weekend!!

The first thing I did was make a stuffed bunny.  Why, with everything else I want to get done before the Fair turn-in, would I make a stuffed bunny?  Well, a friend on Ravelry recently went through something tragic involving 2 of her dogs.  It resulted in a lot of vet bills.  So, our group put together a “tag sale” where we offered various items for sale and then the buyer sent the money directly to the person we’re helping.  Lots of fun stuff has been offered so far, but I haven’t been able to score anything as the stuff I want has gone too quickly.  I tried to think of a way to help, and I remembered that another group is doing the Easy Easter Bunny for a CAL this month.  So, I crocheted him Friday night, sewed him together Saturday morning, and he was sold by Saturday evening.  Only $5, but at least it’s something.

Here he is:


I sent his pic via text to a couple of friends ’cause I thought he turned out really cute.  One of them said she’d buy him for her granddaughter.  I told her I’d just make something for Emily, and she said she’d love a ladybug or a bunny.  So, I started on both.  (Yes, I’m insane!)  I found the cutest ladybug pattern on Ravelry and have made all the parts.  I just have to do the dreaded sewing.  I was going to do that last night, but I had needle issues and set it aside.  I needed to use a needle with an eye large enough for me to thread it, but the needle had to be small enough to fit through the holes of the buttons that make his spots.  It sucks to get old!

I also made the 2 body pieces of another bunny.  This one is in bright colors instead of pastels.  I’ll post pics of the ladybug and bunny this evening.  It was too dark last night for good pics.

This weekend I also made some progress on Mister Whistle.  I’m about halfway through with his head, and I brought him to the office to work on during lunch.  Again, no pics, but I’m feeling good about him.  I don’t know if he’ll be 100% done in time for the Hunt County Fair, but he’ll definitely be a State Fair contender!

Speaking of State Fair contenders, that damned armadillo that officially derailed my 2014 Fair participation was dug out of the bowels of my coffee table storage this weekend.  I was determined to finish him.  But now I have decided he’s a spawn of the Devil.  All that’s left to do is sew the star on his back, make 1 leg and sew on all 4, and sew on the “skirting” that covers the joins between his top and bottom.  Sounds simple, right?  IT ISN’T!!!  First, I sewed on the star and it looked like crap.  All ragged edges like a patchwork quilt or something.  So I ripped it out.  Need to figure out something else, like maybe a star applique, but then I’ll still have issues with sewing it on.  The star needed to be sewn on BEFORE he was assembled, but that’s not how the pattern is written, and now it’s too late for that.  Now that he’s together, you can’t get to the back side so sewing is more difficult.  For me, anyway.  I didn’t feel like crocheting his 1 leg (mostly because I had put away the yarn I used and didn’t feel like digging it out), so I started sewing on the skirting.  Even though I worked slowly and carefully, there were places where the join wasn’t covered.  I got about 3/4 of the way down one of his sides and decided to rip it out.  Luckily, I didn’t damage the skirting like I did the star, so I don’t have to remake it.  I just have to figure out a better way to sew it.  This is the MOST trouble I’ve had with any stuffed toy I have EVER made.  And the weird thing is that he’s a simple pattern with nothing unusual about his construction.  He’s just cursed.

As for the Gathering Leaves shawl, I got TWO pieces of good news!  First, Knit Picks has shipped the skein I ordered because I did run out of yarn with only a tiny left to do.  It should be here in time for me to finish, provided it’s a close enough match.  BUT, the BEST news is that the Raveler who has the EXACT SAME dye lot in her stash answered my message about buying it (even though it wasn’t listed for sale or trade), and she’s sending it to me for just the cost of postage!  How nice is that???  I’m going to send her more than postage costs though.  If she mails it this week, I could still get it in time to finish the shawl and block it before the 13th.  Either way, that shawl will be entered in the Fair.  Woo hoo!!!

I’ll also be entering the Princely Dragontail scarf because I found some buttons for it.  It’s not a really exciting piece, so it may not be “Fair-worthy,” but I can enter up to 5 items per class and right now the shawl is the only clothing item.  So, I’ll enter the scarf too for grins.

Now I’ll interject another bit of proof of my insanity here…I have to admit I started yet another project this weekend.  It’s a hat.  I thought about making a hat that I’ve made before, but I wanted to use one of my hand-dyed yarns.  So, I started working on one pattern that I adore, but it has cables and crossed cables, and that’s just too time-consuming for me as I’ve yet to master either technique.  I need to practice a bit using some solid, light-colored worsted rather than attempt it with a multi-colored fingering weight.  I did find another nice pattern that has some interesting stitches but they’re easy to do.  I was so excited about it and sped through the first 5 rounds really quickly.  I hated that I had to quit to go to a meeting on Sunday afternoon.  When I got home I hurried through dinner and homework so I could crochet.  Then I got stuck.  This always happens to me.  I get excited about something and then I get stopped in my tracks.  In this case it was pattern errors.  A couple of rounds say “rep from *” but there was no starting *.  One round has a stitch that sticks out like a sore thumb because the designer didn’t just say to slip stitch up to the starting point.  So, I wrote to the designer, who hasn’t been on Ravelry in 2 years and her blog/website hasn’t been updated in as long or longer, and asked her a few questions.  I may have to figure it out myself or scrap it.  And that pisses me off.  And, get this…one of the posts on the designer’s blog asks people to vote for her as the Best Pattern Editor in some contest.  Interesting, huh?

To end on a high note, I’ll say that I FINISHED THE DOILY I WAS GOING TO ENTER IN 2014!!!  (If you don’t remember the saga of that one, go back to the first entry for this blog.)  I had only 3 1/2 rounds to do, so it went quickly.  I just need to block it, but because I used bamboo thread, it won’t require much blocking.  I’m not thrilled that it’s more than 1 color, but it looks OK.  Kinda reminds me of a cream pie with little tufts of whipped cream around the edges. 🙂


So, here’s what I’m entering on April 13, as of today…

4 doilies – Sashay, Extravagant, Pink Pineapple, Debbie

1 shawl – Gathering Leaves

1 scarf – Princely Dragontail

And, here’s what’s still in-the-works…

1 hat

1 armadillo (I’ll wear a cross & garlic when I work on him and then maybe he’ll get done!)

1 Mister Whistle

And, here’s what’s also in-the-works, but they’ll be in later Fairs, not April’s…

2 cowls – Venetian Carnival, La Mar

1 baby afghan

??? – I’m sure I’ll start a dozen or more projects between now and July/August/September


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