Check Another One Off the List!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Finished the hat about 10:30pm!  Couldn’t get good light in my apartment to take a pic…not to mention that the only model for it is me.  None of my stuffed bears have big enough heads, and Bella refused to wear a beret.  So, I’ll update this later with a pic.  Maybe one of the guys at work will model it. 😉

Here’s a pic of the in-progress ladybug though:


I did find a needle that was compatible with my eyes and with the buttons, but I was too tired to mess with it.

I hit a snag on the 2nd bunny.  I was using Vanna’s Palettes, which are little tiny skeins of yarn.  They were on sale for $3.97 at Jo-Ann (and I got another 20% off with the coupon), so I bought a package with some bright colors in it.  I did this out of sheer laziness ’cause I have a ton of brightly colored yarns in my closet.  Anyway, I figured I’d have enough of 4 different ones since they don’t require much yarn.  I was wrong.  I ran out of the color I was using for the outer edge of his body and ears.  So, I think I’ll have to go back and remake the back side.  I was using a dark purple, so I’ll make the back in a lighter purple, and hopefully that will give me enough of the dark so his ears match and I can sew him together.  I won’t buy these or the Lion Brand Bon Bons ever again.  I knew they were small, but this is ridiculous.  About all they’re good for is…well…I’m not sure.


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