FOUR Days to Go!!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Too bad I have to work 2 of the 4 days!  I could get sooooo much done if I could stay home!

Last night I made a lot of progress on the rose doll though.

I finished the cap:


I finished crocheting the head, stuffed it, added the eyes, and stuck the cap on:


I made the 2nd leg (1st one was done over the weekend) and attached the two to start the body:


And here’s a pic of the leaf bag that I made over the weekend (also showing my horrible-looking nails…someday I’ll get a manicure!):


What’s left to do?

Finish the body

Make 2 arms and sew them on

Attach the head to the body

Make a little leafy collar to go around his neck and sew it on

Make a couple of petals to stick in the bag

Find a Texas button or pin to put on his bag

Decide if I’ll put a ladybug button on this one like I did on the sunflower

Looks like a lot of stuff, but it’s really not.  The body will go quickly.  The most tedious part will be the arms because they’re so small and “fiddly.”

Barring any issues like I had with that cursed armadillo, this should be done by Saturday, or Sunday at the latest.


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