Results Tomorrow

Wednesday, April 22 thru Friday, April 24, 2015

Tomorrow I’ll head over to Greenville to the Hunt County Fair and see if any of my entries earned a ribbon besides “participation.”  I’m meeting a friend for breakfast first and then we’ll go to the Fair together.  It’s going to be nearly 90o tomorrow (!!!!), so I hope we see what we want to see before it gets too hot.  We’re coming into the time of year that I truly hate.  First the spring storms (tonight could be interesting, according to the weather guys), and then the summer heat.  Is it October yet???

If we leave the Fair early enough I’m going to stop by a LYS that’s not so local.  It’s 32 miles from my house, but I’ll be driving past it to/from the Fair.  I won’t be shopping for myself…not after a $100 late-night, I’m-lonely, yarn binge last weekend at (but it was tosh, so it was justified), not to mention the impulse $40 spent on a yarn I’ve been dying to try (Wolle’s Color Changing Cotton) when I discovered that a couple of their limited colorways from a previous sale were still available.  Instead, I need to find something for 2 folks I’m “stalking” for swaps on Ravelry.  Then, I have to stop buying and claiming yarn.  I really do.  Or I have to start selling plasma or something to supplement this habit.  Too bad those 2 totes full of Beanie Babies really aren’t worth anything.  If predictions of their value had panned out, they would buy a LOT of yarn!

First I have to get through my persuasive speech at school tonight.  It’s about zoos and their need to reinvent themselves as something other than, as PETA calls them, “animal collections.”  My topic was inspired by the birth of the giraffe at the Dallas Zoo and my fascination with watching her online.


I LOVE her!  I’m even going to go visit her next month.  However, I really hate zoos.  So, it’s tough to justify supporting the zoo when I feel that way.  Through my research though, I discovered that the habitat where the giraffes and other animals live has been recognized as being a top-notch exhibit…as far as zoo exhibits go, I guess.  That’s the justification I’ll offer up to my conscience.

As for crochet, here’s the latest pic of the toddler cardigan I’ve been working on.  I’m nearly done with the yoke.  Only a few more stitches to do in purple and 1 row of white single crochet.  I wanted to finish last night, but it was 12:30 and I had to work today!


I liked my color choices for the first half, but now I’m starting to question them.  The sample for the pattern doesn’t have the white rows.  Instead, it says to work the same color for the 4 rows that make up 1 stripe (see below).  I was worried I wouldn’t have enough yarn if I did all the rows all in the same color (and, surprisingly, didn’t want to buy more).  I have several skeins of white in this yarn, so I thought this would be a good alternative.  The problem is that now I have to decide whether to make the skirt (which is shell stitches) all in white, or all in another solid color, or in stripes (like the pattern).  Then I get to decide about the sleeves!  The pattern has 1 sleeve in a solid color and the other in stripes.  The sample looks adorable, but I think mine’s going to look too busy.  We’ll see, I guess.  I’m enjoying the pattern, but I’m so bad at improvising!

This is the pattern pic that made me choose this design.  I should’ve stuck with their colors rather than trying to wing it.


And this is the sample that gave me the idea to mix up the stripes on top:


Stay tuned!

P.S. Almost forgot that I did finish something this week.  A Monster Hunter for a swap on Ravelry.



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