And the Winners Are…

Saturday, April 25 thru Sunday, April 26, 2015

I don’t know how I can be happy and disappointed at the same time, but I am. I’m happy because I won Grand Champion and Reserve Champion!! I’m disappointed because I was mostly competing against myself.


I ended up with blue (Superior), red (Excellent), green (also Excellent – ?) and white (Good) ribbons. I also got a blue rosette (Grand Champion?) and a pink rosette (Reserve Champion?).

Here are pics of my stuff on display:


Debbie doily (far left) – Red / Excellent

Sashay doily – Green / Excellent

Yellow Rose Doll – Blue / Superior & pink rosette

Seaside Beret – White / Good

Princely Dragontail Scarf – Blue / Superior


Angel Doily – Blue / Superior

April 1st Cowl (green, next to the red scarf, which isn’t mine) – Green / Excellent

Pink Pineapple – White / Good

The cute monkeys on the right – and the sweet doll on the left in the other pic – aren’t mine.


Gathering Leaves Shawl (far right) – Red / Excellent


Extravagant Doily – Blue / Superior & blue rosette – this was in a separate display cabinet from the other Needle Arts entries and with other blue rosette winners, so I figure this is what earned Grand Champion.

As I write this, I think I’ve identified one reason why I’m disappointed. I didn’t get to share this with the redneck. He’s won Grand Champion in BBQ cook offs, so he would’ve understood how cool it is to win this, even though it’s crocheting and not cooking dead animals. 🙂


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