Planning and More Planning

Monday, April 27 thru Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I love the planning stage of projects! It’s the follow-through that sometimes trips me up.  The planning stage of crochet projects is especially exciting.  I get to look through my collection of pattern books and magazines, scroll through pattern ideas on Ravelry, dig through my stash to see what to use, and dream of making All the Things!

The State Fair Creative Arts Handbook has been released, as have all the details for 3 other local fairs…Grayson County (in Sherman), North Texas (in Denton), and East Texas (in Tyler).  I think all 3, plus the State Fair, are do-able, with only some minor issues…drop off and pick up days for some conflict with work.  What doesn’t conflict with work???

So, I’ve started going over the categories and trying to formulate a game plan.  The first deadline I have to make is the July 24 registration deadline for the State Fair.  I’ve got to know by then what categories I’m entering and pay the fees; the items themselves don’t have to be turned in until August 16.  As long as I actually turn the stuff in this year, I’m ahead of the game!

Yesterday I went through my WIPs on Ravelry and made some tough decisions.  I deleted some things I will never, ever complete because I don’t like the yarn or the pattern.  It was harsh, but it had to be done.  This weekend I’ll frog what hasn’t already been frogged and re-stash the yarn.

I have another big project planned for this weekend.  I HAVE TO organize my garage before it gets too hot.  It’s not messy, but it’s not organized.  Plus, the garage will be my tornado shelter, which I hope to never have to utilize, but I need to make one area more accessible.  A garage is not the best place to ride out a tornado, but it’s my only option without trying to outrun it.  And if you’ve seen “Twister,” you know how that works out.  My garage isn’t just a rectangular area where I park my car though.  In front of where the car stops, there’s a large concrete “pad” that extends to the right, so it’s kind of around the corner from the garage…if that makes any sense.  I like to think that would protect me from the garage door as it flies in, but who knows?  So, my plan is to build kind of a “fort” in that corner with boxes, totes, and furniture.  God, I really hope I never have to seek shelter in there!  Do they make bicycle helmets for dogs?  I’m thinking Bella and I each need one.

In between work, homework, starting laundry (I never quite finish that project either as the clean clothes are usually piled on the dryer or piled in a basket), and worrying about tornadoes, here’s what I’ve been crocheting:

The progress on the cardigan is pretty swift.  It’s just getting kinda tedious so I intersperse this with other stuff.  Each time I look at it I’m less happy with the white stripes I included in the yoke.  I even thought about frogging it!  But I moved forward and am now working the shells across the body.


The other thing I’ve done is make a second stuffed toy for a swap commitment.  This is Linguine Bunnybuns.


Tonight I have to start working on a hat that I’m testing for a designer.  After I start more laundry, do more homework, and worry about tornadoes.


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