Has Anyone Seen My Patience?

Wednesday, April 29 thru Thursday, April 30, 2015


I have been Ms. Crabbypants the last few days!  It seems that all of my patience and tolerance has flown right out the window.  Everyone and everything seems to piss me off.  To top it off, I’ve had to do nearly every task more than once in order to get it right.  I won’t detail every little thing that’s happened, but I promise you, it’s involved all aspects of life…work, school, shopping, crocheting, even Bella.  I know that I’m stressed, but no one thing is super stressful.  It’s just a cumulative effect.  I need a vacation, so July can’t get here soon enough!  I’ll have off May 15 for graduation, but that will still be stressful.  Maybe May 16 will be a day I can take a deep breath, knowing that at least 1 thing on my list has been crossed off.

Last night I tried to relieve some stress by crocheting.  I started with a super simple owl applique.  I’m not even sure why I made it; I just saw it and said, “Hey, that’s cute!”  So, rather than work on something else, I made it instead.  I took a pic of it right after I made it, and although it came out looking like an owl, it is in serious need of blocking.  It looks like his head was gnawed on by a zebra…or whatever would eat an owl.

It took only about 30 minutes, or less, to make the owl, but rather than take out the Flower Cardigan, or Mister Whistle, or the La Mar Cowl, or any one of my other crochet WIPs, or even the Santa Moon cross stitch ornament I started last summer(!), I started something new.  I got out my list of State Fair possibilities and started working on a patriotic themed hot pad.  If you’ve been reading this blog from the beginning, you might remember that the first thing I finished was a patriotic cross stitch item.  Well, I’ve decided it isn’t Fair-worthy…at least not State Fair-worthy…especially in the crappy little frame I have it in.  So I’m making the hot pad for the patriotic decoration category instead.  At least I think I am.  It looks OK right now, but just because something starts out OK doesn’t mean I’m going to finish it or even like it when it’s done.

I vaguely remember reading a blog somewhere that had a WIP Wednesday feature.  I think I’m going to apply that to my Wednesdays.  Every Wednesday, rather than start something new or even work on a recent ongoing project, I’m going to dig out an old WIP and work on it.  No matter how torturous.  If after 2 Wednesdays I either haven’t finished it or can’t stomach the idea of looking at it one more Wednesday, it’s going to get frogged.

Ms. Crabbypants is on a roll!


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