Has Anyone Seen My Energy?

Friday, May 1 thru Monday, May 4, 2015


That was me on Saturday.  And on Sunday.

Actually, it was me on Saturday after about 11am.  I woke up early, took Bella out, fed her, and then went to work on my garage organization plan.  I moved every single box and item in the garage from where it was to where it is now.  I have 2 towers of Christmas decoration boxes, accompanied by 1 box of Halloween & Thanksgiving.  I have a small Nostalgia Corner, consisting of boxes of things I’d take upstairs to my apartment if I had room and a few boxes of stuff to attempt to sell on eBay someday.

Then I have my TORNADO SHELTER, formed from the following:

  • a small pile of boxes of my Mom’s stuff (for happy thoughts and, hopefully, maternal protection)
  • the 1950s-style chair that was in my beloved boss’s office until he retired and then he let me have it as it’s where I sat when I was in his office and he frequently helped me solve my problems
  • the headboard and footboard from my king-size sleigh bed that I haven’t had the time or motivation to list on Craigslist
  • the box springs from that bed are also nearby and could be hastily pulled down on top of me and Bella, if I didn’t have time to grab couch cushions on the way downstairs…provided they don’t get blown away before I do

I also put 2 small tables and 1 small bookshelf into the area under the stairs (which would’ve been a good TORNADO SHELTER if it wasn’t in the garage).  That’s where I stacked a few “what should I do with this stuff?” items until I decide to throw them out or donate them.  Anyone know what to do with 3 totes full of VHS tapes (stuff recorded off TV, like the entire run of “Northern Exposure”)? I Googled it and found I can pay to have someone recycle them, I can make something out of them (?!?!?!), or I can put them into the Dumpster.  None of those options are appealing, so they’ll sit in my garage a little longer.

By 10:15am, I was done with all of that (including throwing a few things non-VHS into the Dumpster), and I had taken a nice long shower.  I felt invigorated, happy, excited about what the day might bring.  Would I finish a crochet project?  Would I get all my laundry put away?  Would I attempt to organize my desk area next?

I chose to throw ALL my crochet thread onto the bed:


It had been in the closet in cubbies, sorted by color.  But because I have multiple skeins of the same color, made by different manufacturers, it could be hard to find a particular skein sometimes…which usually involved numerous skeins rolling across the floor, picking up plenty of dog hair along the way.  So, I decided I would leave out just 1 example of each color in size 10 and/or size 3 and I’d stash the rest of it in a tote on the shelf.  I could note on my Ravelry stash page how much was stored so I wouldn’t end up buying more of, say, Delft Blue in size 10 (of which I have 4 skeins by 2 manufacturers).

Well, by the time I went to bed Saturday night I had managed to sort and put away about 1/3 of the pile.  I slept on the “wrong” side of the bed that night.

Why did that happen?

I napped.

Nearly all day.

How did that happen?

I sat down to watch TV while I ate some lunch.  Then I laid down to get comfy while I finished watching what I was watching.  Then I fell asleep.  I could not keep my eyes open to save my life!  I’m sure that had I simply gotten up and done something…anything…I would’ve been OK.  But I chose to be a bum instead.

I did not crochet a stitch on Saturday.

On Sunday, it was much of the same, but not quite as bad.  For the entire morning, I did migrate from the living room to the bedroom and back again.  BUT, I did finally get all the thread sorted (with the exception of the variegated…maybe tonight??).  And I did get Bella’s beds washed.  And I took out my trash.  And I met a friend for lunch.  And I washed my car and vacuumed it.  And I went to Cato to find something to wear to graduation (but was unsuccessful).

Then, as has been my usual M.O., I got out my crochet hook about 10:30pm and crocheted until midnight.  Alarm went off at 6:26.

Something’s gotta give as this pattern of behavior is unacceptable.

On a lighter note, the cardigan is starting to grow on me.


The yoke still bothers me, but I like the shell pattern of the body.

Tonight after work, I have to go pick up my stuff at the Hunt County Fair.  Then I can start deciding if any of it will get entered in the State Fair…or if it’s gonna be Christmas gifts instead. 🙂


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