Took a Week Off

Thursday, May 7 through Wednesday, May 13

Well, I didn’t really take a week off.  I just didn’t really crochet a whole lot this past week.  I finished up some school stuff and worked on cleaning my house (I do it slowly…in pieces…between episodes of whatever I’m binge watching at the time).  My sister will be here tomorrow (Woo Hoo!), and graduation is in 2 days (yay).  Why no ! after “yay”?  I don’t know.  I just don’t feel like !.  I think I’m starting to worry about what I’ll do next.  And how to pay off the student loans if I choose not to do anything next.  Also…if I don’t have any homework to do, what excuse will I have when someone asks me to go somewhere but I just want to stay home and binge watch “Justified” (which I had to start over because I got behind and forgot some plot lines).

I had to abandon the cat I mentioned I was working on.  The yarn got into a weird tangly mess the more I used it, so I made this instead:


I know, I know…it’s not a cat.

I crocheted maybe 1 row on the cardigan.

I looked at a LOT of patterns.

I put a LOT of yarn into online shopping carts and then closed the window.

Except for the one time I caved.  At Deramores.  I bought the yarn pack to make the Lily Pond Blanket:


I hear you laughing.  I’ve heard it all before.  The reason I caved was that in July I will be spending 28 hours in the car on a road trip where I will most likely never have to get behind the wheel.  This project will be portable and, hopefully, diverse enough to keep me interested.  I’m confident I can return home with all, or most, of the pieces complete.  Then we’ll see if I ever sew them together!

Hey, at least I didn’t drop $197 on the yarn pack for this:


There are cheaper options, but I love the colorway shown.  I did discover that the $197 yarn pack is for a bulky weight, and I can get the fingering weight for under $140.  It would make more sense to make it in fingering weight in Texas, but I can’t yet justify spending that much money on what might end up in a box in the closet.  Although…isn’t that essentially what my giant, unused stash is?  A big unjustified expense?

I hate it when I have an epiphany like that!


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