Status Update

Thursday, May 14 through Tuesday, May 26, 2015

No, I’m not talking about a Status Update like on Facebook.  (Don’t get me started on Facebook.)  I’m here to give a status update on my projects, for the most part.

First, I graduated.  My sister and 5 special friends were there, and it was a wonderful evening.  A wonderful weekend actually, since I got to hang out with friends before and after, and my sister stayed until Sunday afternoon.

We went to the zoo, but Kipenzi, the baby giraffe, wasn’t out because of all the rain we’ve had.  One of the folks at the zoo said if we get 3 days of no rain, then the following Saturday would be a good time to go back.  We’ve yet to have 3 days without rain!  Maybe by July I can go see her.  She won’t be a baby anymore. 😦

We did see a lot of giraffes though, including Kipenzi’s daddy.  This is Kopano (Kipenzi’s half brother…same daddy) and, I think, his mom Crystal.


We also saw this:


She finally rolled over and took a nap.

IMG_0784 IMG_0789

Ok, onto the crochet portion of our program.  I’ve done a lot of crocheting but I haven’t really finished anything.

I DID finish the yarn bowl, and I promptly gave it away as a door prize in a Knit/Crochet-A-Long I’m hosting on Ravelry.  I think it turned out really cool.


I then offered another one in a swap thread, and I’m in the process of finishing that one.

I also started one of the projects I’m making for the K/CAL.  It’s a felted purse with leafy embellishments and the pattern is called Maywood Purse.  It’ll be a Fair entry…State or County, depending on how it turns out.  I’ve crocheted and felted everything; I’m just waiting for the purse frame to arrive so I can finish it.  I’m so freaked out, as usual, that it won’t look as nice as the sample in the pattern.

While waiting for the purse frame, I started another item for the K/CAL.  It’s called Blue Rose Doily and I’m making it into a Yellow Rose Doily.  It should be small enough to fit into the Doilies up to 12″ category for the Fair.  I got quite a bit done in a day or two, but then I hit a snag.  It wasn’t making sense (to me) how the pattern said to attach the roses, so I looked at a bunch of finished projects on Ravelry to see if I could figure it out.  I think I did, but now I’m worried that I’ll attach all 8 and then find out they’re all in the wrong places, which would prevent me from being able to finish the rest of the doily.  So, out of frustration, I set it aside for a bit.  Here’s a pic of it so far though.  One is pre-rose dilemma and the other shows 2 roses attached (hopefully correctly).


I started a third new WIP called the Patriotic Ripple.  It’s an afghan pattern, but I’m making it into a doily for a Fair entry.  I was moving right along with it and very happy with how it looks.  Then I hit a snag with it too.  There are 13 stars that are crocheted separately and then whipstitched between points of the ripples.  The process for doing that wasn’t making sense to me either, so I set it aside as well.  I don’t have a progress pic. If I didn’t stay up late and crochet ’til midnight, or later, then these patterns might make a lot more sense!

So, rather than do no crocheting, I dug out my WIP bag and worked on a few.  I also deleted a few from my projects on Ravelry.  Most were items that I was going to make for the conference and then either didn’t like them or ran out of time.  I decided they were things I’d never ever finish.  Deleting them from Ravelry freed me of the guilt of having a ginormous WIP list.  Now it’s just a ridiculously big WIP list.

The first WIP I worked on was the La Mar Cowl (which I’m calling El Cielo).  I did a couple rows ’til I got bored.  No progress pic as it wouldn’t have looked like I did much more than the last pic.

And, I did some work on the Flower Cardigan.  I’m not hating it as much as I was.  I have 1 more row of blue shells to do, then the yellow and purple bands of shells.  I got bored with the shells, so I started on one sleeve (shown on right), which is about halfway done.  So, I’m nearing completion of this!


I also did some work on the Eat-Play-Sleep-Repeat blanket.  This is the blanket I started 2 years ago to give to Rodney’s neighbor, and then we all know how that worked out.  She did get a blanket from me, although it wasn’t this one because my tension was so different between panels that it looked horrendous.  This was frogged and restarted and, at least for now, it’s straight along the edges.  (The bottom isn’t wavy; I just didn’t even it out well before taking a pic while sitting on my bed.)


Final item for this update: I received my yarn pack for the Lily Pond Blanket, and it’s been SO HARD not to start working on that too.  But, I’m going to finish this other stuff (at least most of it) and try not to start on Lily Pond until I go on my trip to Colorado.  We’ll see if I can hold out.


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