Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Wedenesday, May 27 thru Saturday, May 30, 2015


According to the National Weather Service there has been enough rain in Texas in just the month of May to cover the entire state with 8″ of water! In Dallas, we made the record books with the most rain in the month of May since records began 117 years ago. I think we even have a shot at the most rain to fall in an entire year, and it’s only May.

I don’t want it to end though. I don’t like that people’s homes and cars are flooding and that several folks have drowned. I don’t like that snakes and other critters have been displaced…like the fish that turned up on the golf course as they were getting ready for the Byron Nelson or pile upon pile of worm balls (look it up, if you dare) that have appeared in the middle of the road near Lake Texoma because they’re stressed. And I don’t like it when the storms are severe and bring tornadoes with them. But, the rain is something I truly love.

My scientifically-minded friend Diana tells me it’s impossible to have a genetic predisposition to the love of rain, but I swear that being born in Seattle has to be part of the explanation for why I love the rain more than 95% of the people I know. (Diana’s words were, “Genetics doesn’t work that way!”)  Yet I love rainy days. I love grey days. I love days when you don’t see the sun.

So, I’ve loved the month of May, 2015. Don’t tell anyone, ok?

The photo above was taken as I arrived at work on Friday. That view faces west. It looked like we might be about to have a sunny day. We didn’t. 🙂

I was awake most of the night on Thursday due to thunder and watching the radar with amazement. Storms that had moved from west to east arrived in Dallas and stopped. Not stopped raining; they stopped moving!

Every time I woke up I took a screen shot of the radar. Why? Because the weather guy had said that when the line arrived, it was going to rain hard for about 15 minutes and then there would be light to moderate rain for a couple of hours. Instead, for 5-6 hours the line stayed parked over our area and it came down in bucket loads.









You may wonder why I would smile at the idea of more rain. Simply put, this is Texas. We usually see our first 90 degree day in April. That hasn’t happened yet. Our latest ever first 90 degree Day is June 12 and we have a shot at breaking that record too. At some point the rain and mild temps will come to an end and it will be hot, humid, and hellish again.

I woke up this morning to rain and thunder. According to the local weather guy, the Weather Channel, and the Weather Bug app, that won’t happen again for awhile. And in Texas, “awhile” could be September.

Again, I feel badly for those who lost their lives, their family & friends, and their homes. But, in my world which sits on higher ground, it was nice while it lasted.


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