Creeping Along

Sunday, May 31 through Wednesday, June 3, 2015

How I spent my weekend…

Finished the body of the Flower Cardigan.  Still unsure about how to do the sleeves.  After frogging one of them twice, I’m thinking I need to choose one option and just do it.  Quit overthinking!


Finished the 3rd panel of the Eat-Play-Sleep-Repeat blanket.  Am a few rows into the 4th panel.  This looks like it’ll be DONE SOON!  Woo hoo!!  One problem…this doesn’t fall within the State Fair guidelines for what size a baby blanket can be.  After all this work, it may end up being a County Fair entry instead.


I didn’t do anything with my Rose Doily or Patriotic Doily.  I’ve discovered that if things have lots of parts, I don’t do well with finishing since I don’t like sewing.  And I didn’t do anything with my Maywood Purse as I’m still worried I’ll ruin it when I start embroidering and attaching the frame.  I’ve got to quit overthinking that too and just get ‘er done!

I’m trying to finish another Yarn Bowl which is promised to someone in a Ravelry swap.  That’s my #1 priority right now.

That is all.


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