I Have No Idea Why I Do What I Do

Tuesday, June 9 thru Friday, June 12, 2015


I was making progress on my WIPs.

I had a handle on what I wanted to try to finish for the Fair.

So, why in the world did I take on a trade that involves making something PLUS why in the world did I agree to test a pattern?  And, get this…it’s now evolved into 2 trade items and 2 tests.

I need a recovery group or something.

First, how did it get to be 2 trade items?  Well, I offered to make a particular item for someone, and then there were issues with the pattern.  I had to switch gears, so I started on a 2nd item right away.  The next morning my Ravelry mailbox had a message from the designer of the first item, who apologized for the errors.  She had apparently seen my comments on my project page and said she was fixing the pattern right away.  So, rather than let down the recipient, I decided to make both items for her!

Now, how did I get into 2 tests?  Well, the first item is going to be PERFECT as a gift for my sister.  So, I had to volunteer.  The second one was via invitation by the designer.  I haven’t tested for her yet, so I didn’t want to turn her down on her first time asking me.  The first one is due by 6/23 and the other, smaller one is due 6/29.  There shouldn’t be any problems getting them done, but that means all other WIPs will likely be on hold.


It’s going to rain this weekend (YIPPEEE!!!!!), so I’ll be home crocheting.  If it wasn’t going to rain this weekend I’d still be home crocheting.  So, watch this space for minute-by-minute updates.  (Not really.)


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