Careful What You Wish For…

Saturday, June 13 thru Monday, June 15, 2015

Wow…lots going on the past few days!  When it rains, it pours!  (No, this isn’t going to be another weather-related post.)


First, I’m either going to have more time to crochet because I soon may not have a commute, or I’ll be selling all my yarn so I can live under a bridge.  I’ve been lucky to essentially work for the same company for 20+ years.  When my boss retired, he sold the company and I got to go along.  The other guy I worked with at the old place became one of my bosses at the new place, and it’s been great.  We all work together well, and I respect every one of the people I work for and with.  One problem…although we’re very diverse in the industries we supply, 2 of our major markets are way down right now.  So, we’re cutting costs.  One way is to cut expenses by possibly going to virtual offices where we all work from home (no rent / phone / Internet bills that way) and have one on-site meeting per week in a neutral location.  Another way is to cut salaries by 10%.  The first option is being looked into, and the second goes into effect on July 1. I could do my job anywhere on the planet that has a good Internet connection, so working from home is something I’ve fantasized about.  Especially if I could move my home to Colorado, closer to my sister.  Before I start packing all the yarn and postcards, we’ll have to see how this goes because I can see the company deciding to bring everyone back into the office when business picks up.  In the meantime, I’ll need to be sure to put on pants every day because the temptation to stay in my pjs will be immense.

No more late-night yarn shopping sessions for me for awhile.  Probably a good thing as my self-imposed moratorium didn’t last long. Granted…it wasn’t a madtosh super sale that got me to spend triple digits, but I still spent $28-ish at Knit Picks to buy yarn for a shawl for a friend, and I spent $20-ish at LoveCrochet for some thread to make a Fair item and for some thread that was on sale.  Nice ending to this part of the story: While talking with a friend last week, I discovered she wants to learn thread crochet but is intimidated.  I told her that size 3 thread isn’t as difficult as size 10 and requires a slightly larger hook.  She showed me what she wants to do, and it turns out I not only have a pattern (a freebie, so it’s share-able), I knew I had just ordered 3 skeins of the exact red she wants.  So, I can give them to her and won’t have to feel guilty about buying them. 🙂  Although…now I’m wondering if they’re still on sale (for $1.45 each!!)  ’cause if she gets my 3, then I get 0. LOL!

Second…I’ve been wishing for a guy in my life.  Don’t get excited.  Hear me out.  My sister texted on Friday and said I’d never guess who she was talking to.  I said, “Ed Robertson. Rub it in.”  He’s the front man for Barenaked Ladies, and she and my brother-in-law and nephew had just seen them in Denver on Wednesday.  She obviously wasn’t talking to Ed, but I didn’t get to text my next guess because she called.  I named 2 guys she dated in high school, thinking she was “talking” to them on Facebook.  She said, “No, this is someone I’ve never spoken to before in my life.”  Now she had me stumped.  President Obama, maybe?  Then she added, “He went to a lot of trouble to track me down because he was trying to track you down.”  I immediately knew who it was as there’s only one guy from my past who has a good enough memory to do something like that and, oddly enough, he’s done something similar in the past.  I guessed him, and I was correct.  It was very touching and sweet and mildly romantic.  He saw that I haven’t been on Facebook since about 2012 (yeah, sounds right), so he looked for my sister in my Friends.  He got her last name and called Info, and since she still has a landline he was able to call her.  He told her he misses me and wants to reconnect.  She got his number but didn’t give him mine.  I finally texted him last night, and he wrote back but I haven’t replied.  My phone just lit up with a call from him, but I can’t take it ’cause all the guys are here in the office.  This person is very sweet, a lot of fun, and I once considered moving to Connecticut with him.  Thank God I didn’t!  This person isn’t the most reliable when it comes to paying bills and keeping jobs.  I’m just too old to go through that again.  Plus, the whole time I was talking to my sister I was thinking, “Why couldn’t it have been the redneck looking for me?”  If I still feel that way, then I don’t need to be involved with anyone else until that feeling stops.  If it ever stops.

Let’s shift gears now.  As predicted on Friday, I spent the entire weekend crocheting.  It didn’t rain very much…a few sprinkles on Saturday evening…but I still stayed in and ventured out only to walk Bella and to make a quick run to Hobby Lobby for buttons.

I finished 3 of the 4 new projects I mentioned on Friday…the 2 swap items and 1 of the tests.  Plus I took on another test!  (Stop me before I do it again!)

The first swap item is the Gather Me Up Cowl.  This is the one that had some errors in the pattern, and the designer fixed them and reissued it.  I like how it turned out.  Might be a bit warm for me in Texas, but it’s going to someone in a northern climate.  Not the greatest pics…I couldn’t get indoor or outdoor photos to reflect the pretty purple yarn…but you can see that it’s a diverse item that can be worn a couple of different ways.

image_medium2 image_mediuddfm2

The second swap item, which I started after having problems with the first, is the Frostberry Cowl.  I called it Plumberry due to the deep purple merino yarn I used.  I’ve had this pattern for almost 2 years, and a friend gifted me the matching hat pattern last year.  I think I was intimidated by them, but there’s no need to be anymore ’cause I made the cowl without a single hitch.  It’s really easy, despite how complicated it looks.  I LOVE how it turned out, and I can certainly see myself making another one…along with a matching hat.  The photo on the left, with the buttons, is a truer representation of the color.  I took the one on the right the day before (before I’d shopped at Hobby Lobby for the buttons) so the light was different.

image_medidfdffum2 image_mewerwedium2

The last item I completed this weekend was a test for a Little Walden the Narwhal.  The designer has a bigger version of him available, too.  I love him, and he can be made into a whale toy by simply not making the horn.  It’s hard to see his eyes in these pics, but he does have 2. 🙂


Oh, wait!  I completed another item this weekend.  Actually, it’s been complete for awhile.  I was just waiting for it to dry so I could ship it.  Here is the yarn bowl I made for a swap.  I love making these things!


Wow, there sure is a lot of PURPLE here!  🙂

I brought my Yellow Rose Doily to work on during lunch, but I’ve instead worked on this post.  The doily will have to wait some more, I guess.  When I get home I need to work on the other test item and pull out the yarn for the new test.  Both of the test items will ultimately be gifts for my sister, so I’m excited about that.  She doesn’t read this (if she does she doesn’t tell me), so I’ll be able to put up pics when they’re done.  One is due on the 23rd and the other on the 27th, so I’ve got to keep my momentum going.  And not take on any new projects until they’re done!


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