Time to Get Real

Tuesday, June 16 thru Wednesday, June 17, 2015


I just looked at the calendar.  There are 59 crocheting days ’til the State Fair!  I have to subtract 5 days for my vacation as I am certain I will do no crocheting while in Colorado, so that leaves 54.  Obviously, many of those days are workdays, so I’ll have about 1-4 hours on those days to crochet.  I also need to subtract July 4th because I think there’s a party that day, so I won’t be home, which brings us down to 53.  In the words of the amazing Scooby Doo: “Ruh-roh.”

On the positive side, I counted up the weekend days.  There are 17.  I was going to subtract July 4th here too, but I get off July 3rd from work, so we’ll count that as a weekend.  That means 17 days where I could be productive if I don’t get sucked in by Netflix.  I’ll also get kind of a bonus on 2 of those Saturdays when I’m trapped in the car on our road trip.  All that means is there won’t be any TV or computer to distract me and I can crochet more than usual.  (I hope!)

What does this mean?  Well, the first thing it means is I can’t take on anymore tests, swaps, or gifts until after August 16.  It also means I have to get real about what I can actually finish before August 16.

Because I’m a nerd, I made a spreadsheet.  To be honest, I already had a spreadsheet.  I made one months ago with a list of the categories I wanted to enter and then noted what item(s) to make.  I realized that only 2 items are marked complete (a doily and an afghan).  I’m in trouble.

So, I got busy marking out the categories that I’ll never manage to get to.  Out of 38, I killed 11, leaving 27.  Like I said, 2 are complete, leaving 25 to go.  There are 3 in-progress items that are dangerously close to getting the axe (a hot pad, the cross stitch ornament I started last year, and the felted purse).  That leaves 25 still but leaning toward 22.  Of those 22, there are 5 in-progress that have potential to actually get finished (yellow rose doily, Mister Whistle, cowl, toddler cardigan, and patriotic doily).  Now we’re down to 17.  17?  17!!  Yes, 17 items to start and finish between now and August 16 AFTER I finish the other 8 I just mentioned.




So, I assigned a priority level to all of the 25 unfinished ones, and I think it’s possible to do a total of 12.  In case you’re completely lost (don’t feel bad…so am I), that means just 4 more to do after I finish the 8.


Did I mention one is an afghan?


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