Starting Over (Part 3, January 1 thru Today)

I don’t know what the future will bring.  I do know that I am still very sad.  I am tired.  I miss Bella and still talk to her every morning, every night, every time I leave the house, and every time I return….and lots of other times in between.

Due to a commitment I made in the summer of 2014, I have had to work on the fundraising for a conference that will be held this month.  So, I had to get back to crafting.

Beginning in early January and through last night, I think I’ve made about 75 items!  I plan to add the projects to Ravelry eventually and put the info here as well.  I liked doing that…sharing what I’ve made with other crafty people who “get it.”  I have several items I need to finish before the 19th, and then there’s my huge box full of WIPs from last year…and years before.  I want to tackle those this year too.

For now, I just wanted to update this blog.  I’ve started updating Ravelry with the patterns I’ve acquired over the last few months.  Next I’ll update my Stash page with the few yarns I’ve bought.  And then I’ll add my Projects.  Maybe someday I’ll get back to the groups I was in and start swapping and feeling like a part of the living world again.

The Hunt County Fair is the last week in April, and I plan to enter something.  What it’ll be, I have no idea.

And I will enter something in the State Fair this year come hell or high water!

I also know I can’t get another dog anytime soon.  There will never be another Bella.  I am also kind of enjoying not having to count how many hours I’ve been away from home so I can make sure I get back before a doggie has to go potty.  But, it has been very quiet and lonely in my house.

So, on January 28, I got a cat.  I adopted her from the SPCA.  The name on her paperwork was Maximilienne.  I call her Maxi.




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