Where Do I Start? (Part 1, June 23 thru October 25)


My last post here was on June 22, 2015 and focused on my friend Joe.  Well, Joe passed away the next day on June 23.  Life got pretty weird and complicated around the same time.  With each passing day, it was easier to not post here, not sign in on Ravelry, not crochet, not do much except go to work.

Let me see if I can sum up the last 7 months.

June 2015

Like I said, Joe passed away on June 23.  My friend, Jerri, and I went back to South Texas for the funeral.  When we returned home that evening, we stopped off at a favorite restaurant to tell some friends about the service.  One of the people we spoke with is a gentleman we’d seen in the restaurant but had never talked to before.  Turns out he knew Joe too, so we visited with him a little bit.  I’ll admit that I’d noticed him over the months, but my man radar has been operating on a very weak signal since the redneck dumped me.

(I’m using the photos on my phone to jog my memory about stuff.  That pic up top is a random photo of Bella & Mr. Raccoon taken on June 22.)

July 2015

Between Joe’s funeral and the 4th of July, I got to know that gentleman a little better.  We spent a lot of time visiting in the restaurant.  It was nice to hang out with a guy again.  I love man energy.  One problem though…this particular gentleman is married.  So, no chance that it will ever develop into anything other than friends with friends in common.  (That bummed me out for awhile, but over the last couple of months I’ve come to realize that I’m OK with being alone, actually prefer being alone, and would only change that idea if the redneck were to reappear in my life.  The heart knows what it wants…too bad it can’t force other hearts to agree.)

I went to Jerri’s family’s July 4th party and took this cake that I made.


I think it tasted good.  I don’t recall if I ate a piece or not.  If you want to make one, it’s a Firecracker Red White & Blue Cake.  And it’s red, white & blue on the inside too!

The last week of July was heavenly!  I went with 3 friends on a terrific road trip to Colorado.  Before we left though, I had to board Bella since Jerri (my usual dog sitter) was going on the trip too.  Here we are on the way to the PetsHotel.  She looks happier than she should.


Like I said, I spent a week at my sister’s…in the mountains…in the summer…with friends and family.  It was glorious!

Here’s the full moon rising over Mt. Crested Butte.


And here’s the “back” side of Mt. Crested Butte, which I had never seen before in my 20+ years of going up there.


A view at dusk from my sister’s deck.



August 2015

The predicted move to working from home happened at the end of August.  I went from working in this environment (this is what my office looked like on moving day)…


…to working in this environment (8:15am on Day 1, August 31):


You may have noticed there has been no mention of crochet or other crafts.  Well, that’s because I didn’t really do any during this time.  I worked a little bit on some WIPs while in the car to and from Colorado, but we were talking and laughing so much that I didn’t make much progress.

I did send in my registration for the 2015 State Fair, and I had several items ready for turn-in day.  I hadn’t received a receipt in the mail to take to turn-in though, so I called the Creative Arts office on the Friday before the Sunday I’d be going downtown to drop off my stuff.  The very kind and apologetic woman who answered the phone said that the weekend before had been the turn-in date.  She said they had just finished judging or else she would’ve let me run down there and drop off my stuff.  I felt like a huge failure.  I didn’t enter anything in 2014 because I didn’t finish anything to my standards.  But in 2015 I had numerous items that I was really happy with and stupidly missed my chance.  That was even more incentive to avoid Ravelry and this blog.

September, 2015

Ok, you’re probably thinking: Except for being too dumb to know what day it is, her life doesn’t look too weird or complicated, so why couldn’t she sign into Ravelry or post a few lines here?  Well, I was spending a lot of time with that male, married friend.  Don’t get any crazy ideas!  We were enjoying each other’s company in public places.  Like I said, it was fun to be around a fun guy again.  I also needed to get out of the house in the evenings since I’d been cooped up in it all day.  I now regret having spent so much time away from home from late June through October.  You’ll soon see why.

In the meantime, there were a lot of workdays like this:


That was taken on September 10.  Note that I am wearing jeans.  I think by October 10 I was probably wearing pjs or sweatpants on days I didn’t have to go to the office.

My sister sent this pic to me on September 14 in an (unintentional) reminder that she most definitely wins in the “Which sister lives in the best place?” contest. This was the view from her driveway.


Here’s another picture of Bella that I took at 8am on a workday.  We established a routine where she would watch the world go by from the balcony while I worked from inside to be able to pay the rent.



October 2015

In case you’ve forgotten, Bella had a cancerous growth removed from her tongue in November 2014.  I worried that she wouldn’t be in my life much longer.  But, nearly a year later, she was doing great.  Yeah, she had aches and pains (at 91 in people years, she had a right to be achy), and she had some incontinence issues (I’m gonna be old like her really soon so that’s probably in my future too).  But, overall, she was pretty happy.  She played with her toys, slept whenever & wherever she wanted, went outside a few times per day, had plenty to eat and drink.  Not a bad life.  In the back of my mind though was a ticking clock.  I realized there weren’t any pictures of me and Bella together because I don’t take pictures of myself, nor do I allow others to do so.  So, I took a few.  They aren’t “Glamour Shots” by any means.  But this is one of my favorites.  I rook it on October 10.


On October 21, my sister and brother-in-law came to town.  The next day we were invited by their friend to spend the night in a wonderful house on an island in Possum Kingdom Lake.  We drove in a horrible thunderstorm to get there, but it was worth it!  We were ferried over in a boat and then had a nice dinner of turkey spaghetti and wine.  We even made S’mores for dessert because the rain had slowed down while we had dinner and we were able to light the fire pit.

The next morning was grey and misty, and I loved it!


Here’s a view of the back of the house, along with my sleeping companion from the night before.  His name is Camo.


We, unfortunately, had to leave by lunchtime because our host on the island was hosting a big Halloween party at her home in Dallas that evening.  And we were all going!  By the time we left though, the weather had cleared and we had a nice calm boat ride back to our cars.


I don’t have any pictures in my phone of the 3 of us in our costumes.  My sister was Medusa.  My brother-in-law was Poseidon.  I even dressed up in a steampunk-style outfit.  I think it was the first time I’d dressed in a Halloween costume since grade school!  We had a wonderful time at the party.  There was a fortune teller (who told me to stop allowing wolves at my door), there was a haunted walk through an adjacent park, and there was even a haunted house within the house where the party was held (yes, it was a BIG house).  I was apprehensive about going, but I’m so glad that I did as it was probably the last really happy time I would have for several months.

The day after the party was my birthday, so the 3 of us went up to the casino in Oklahoma (mistake…we all lost), went to Bingo closer to home that night (also lost), and then they left the next day.

The next day…



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