Crocheting Machine

February 10 thru March 10, 2016


I started out this year with a crochet hook in my hand, and I’ve continued that with very little downtime.  I decided that if I was sitting still, I was going to be productive.

Prior to my disappearance from the online world…when I updated this regularly…I posted a little blurb and photos about all my projects.  That seems a little nuts to attempt to do now, but I will post pics on the album page and links on the links page.

Here’s the body count, so far, for 2016…

Bookmarks – 35

Coasters – 16

Potholders – 1

Cup Cozies – 12

Dishcloths – 9

Cowls – 5

Hats – 1

Barefoot Sandals – 2 pair

Wreaths – 1

Afghans – 1

Amigurumi – 2

Doll Accessories – 2

Sweaters – 1

Doilies – 4

That’s 92 projects completed in less than 3 months!  In comparison, I completed 50 projects, plus about 25-30 butterflies, in 2015.

2 of the projects I finished this year (the sweater and 1 doily) are WIPs from last year.  I’ve been working on a couple of other old WIPs, and I treat myself by also working on a new project at the same time.  An old WIP is an old WIP for a reason…ran out of yarn, wasn’t liking how it was looking, boredom, needs to be sewn or some other finishing, etc.  So, in essence, if I was enjoying the project or had all that I needed to complete it, it would be done and not a WIP.  By working on one old and one new, I can stem the boredom, relieve my guilt (and frustration) for having so many unfinished projects, and work on something that’s recently sparked my attention.

I now have 6 or 7 projects done for the Hunt County Fair with plans to complete another 5 or 6 in the next 30 days.  Of those that are already done, 3 or 4 will also be entered in the State Fair.

I may not be participating in much, but at least I’m doing one thing I enjoy.  Crocheting keeps my mind off a lot, including the overwhelming sadness about Bella, and I feel a little less like a lump on the couch when I’m making something fun or pretty.



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