Let’s Go to the Fair

March 10, 2016 thru April 5, 2016


Despite everything that makes me want to eat chocolate all evening and all weekend, while binge watching every program on Netflix and Amazon Prime combined, I have actually completed nearly every item I want to enter in the Hunt County Fair next week.  I have 1 week, including the upcoming weekend, to finish the last few items.

Here’s what I’ve got so far.  You can enter up to 4 items per category, and my goal is to hit that mark, although I may miss it in the Toy category since they’re so time-consuming.

As always, go to the Where’s the Pattern? page for more info about everything you see.

DECORATIVE – 4 of 4 complete! Last year my Extravagant Doily won Grand Champion.  I don’t know that there are any Grand Champions in this bunch.

1. Sentimental Doily – Not a fancy doily like the ones I entered last year, but it counts as decorative, IMO. 🙂  This still needs to be blocked.  I chose the blue for the redneck’s eyes.  Yes, I’m still hung up on the big goof.  Like I told a friend recently, “Knowing Bella won’t come back doesn’t make me miss her any less.”  Same goes for the redneck.


2. Yellow Rose Doily – This is the one that gave me fits last year, but I finished it!


3. Oceanic Rose – I did this as a test for the designer and like it so much that I’m going to enter it.  The pattern is actually for an afghan square, but I like it as a doily too.  It may even go into the small doily category at the State Fair if I don’t come up with anything else.  It’s made with Aunt Lydia’s Bamboo, which has been discontinued.  I hate that ’cause I love this thread!  It’s so soft and drape-y.


4. My First Overlay Mandala – LOVE this!  I want to make these things all day long.  Unfortunately, the patterns are pricey (from this designer anyway).



CLOTHING – 3 of 4 items done!  I may also enter a hat that I just need to sew the buttons on.  Or, if I can finish it, the Jamie vest that I started last year.

1. No-Flower Cardigan – Another project from last year that finally got finished.  This may go on to the State fair too.


2. Maywood Purse – Yes, ANOTHER project from last year that I finally finished.  And, another one that will probably go to the State Fair as well.  I’m stretching the meaning of “Clothing” here, but the County Fair only has a few categories and this is the closest one it fits into.


3. Harbour City Cowl – This is an item that has been on my Ravelry “To-Do” list for years and years.  I finally threw a dart at the list (so to speak) and made the item that it landed on.  This was it.  I like it, but it’s not really “fair-worthy” as far as technique goes.



HOLIDAYS – 2 of 4 items done!  1 more is nearly finished.  I may leave it at 3 entries as I’d rather devote my time to a Toy entry.

1. Easter Bunny – This was fun.  I love the colors, and the look on her face actually came out pretty close to what I was aiming for!  The only thing I’d change if I made her again would be to use fewer strands of floss when sewing the fabric on her ears.  I think it’s too heavy and takes away from the fabric.


2. Christmas Treats Doily – The pattern was designed as a Halloween doily using orange, black and white thread.  Someone on Ravelry made one in Christmas colors, and I fell in love with it so I made mine that way as well.  I would happily make more of these for other holidays.  Anyone need a July 4th doily????



TOYS – 1 of 4 done! 1 other item is about 40% complete, and I hope to knock it out over the next few nights.  That will give me the weekend to go through my WIP box and maybe finish that blasted Armadillo from a couple years ago.

1. Long Striped Doggie – I was going to give this to my sister, but I may have to make a different one for her.  I rarely keep what I make (except for doilies ’cause no one cares about them but me), but I love this little guy.  The charm on his collar says “I Love My Dog.”  At this time of year, folks take their kids and their dogs to the bluebonnet patches and take pictures.  I’m thinking of taking this guy for a drive so I can take his photo in the flowers too.


I’ll post again when I finish the rest of the entries.

The first pic is Mini Adri from the Ravelry Group, Around the World in 80 Days at last year’s Hunt County Fair.

Thanks for looking!




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