Spring Cleaning

April 14 thru April 19, 2016


I decided to spruce up the blog a little, so I looked at the new themes available.  I like this one.  It may just be my monitor, but I had a hard time seeing the text sometimes on the old theme.  I think this is a little better.  I could have just changed the font on the old one, but I wanted to do a whole remodel.

This past weekend I did a HUGE organization of my yarn closets.  Yes, closetS…plural.  I have 2 closets in my hallway.  Wait…deja vu!  I think I’ve talked about this here before.  Anyway…I first redid my cotton closet because I’m working on a project involving “kitchen cotton” and I needed to see what I actually have as I don’t update my Ravelry stash pages very well.  It will show I have a color, but it doesn’t show how much.  There’s a big difference between having a full skein and having a few yards.  So, I updated ALL of those entries, plus the Hobby Lobby Cotton, Patons Grace, and Louisa Harding Albero.

Here’s what it looks like now (ignore the not-yet-organized button/bead/notions area on top of the shelves)…


Then I embarked on the “regular” yarn closet.  Those yarns used to be stored in my bedroom walk-in closet.  But I got new floors in November, and I ended up touching just about everything in my apartment in order to move it out of the way.  I decided to reclaim my bedroom closet for my clothes and relocate the yarn to hall closet #2.  It has 5 shelves, and the baggies of yarn were arranged sort of alphabetically by brand.  Not individually…I’m not that organized.  But, the top shelf had, like, A-D.  During my funk, I would take stuff out and not put it back where it belonged, buy stuff and toss it in, etc.  When I started working on conference and fair stuff, I couldn’t find anything without practically emptying an entire shelf.

It looks better now…


I also segregated a couple of brands that I have a lot of skeins of so they don’t take up as much room in this closet.  I put them on a shelf in my bedroom closet, which used to hold a bunch of craft supplies that I’m going to get rid of at a friend’s yard sale in a few weeks.

Here are Berroco, Knit Picks, and Lion Brand in their new home…


I also decided to destash some yarn and needed to make sure I still own what my Ravelry database says I have.  So I went through it ALL and pulled out about 50-55 skeins that I would be willing to part with.  Now I need to find buyers!

I still have a couple of cubbies of sock yarns and “weirdo” yarns in my bedroom closet, and I’ll get to those this weekend.  I’d also LOVE to find a better way to store my crochet threads.  They’re driving me crazy!  They also live in cubbies in the bedroom closet, and they are constantly jumping off the shelf and rolling across the floor.  Last year sometime, I decided to wind all the open skeins into squishy little thread balls, and I love them like that.  Problem is…I have a ton of unopened balls as well, and the two different types don’t stack well together.  But, that’s a project for another time.  My motivation to do all this is almost exhausted.

For now, this is what it looks like when I try to figure out what color to use to make doilies…


I know…who needs this much thread to make doilies???  In my defense, about 80% of this was purchased years ago when I made Barbie clothes for my niece (who is now 21!).  The primary additions to this portion of my stash are the skeins of bamboo on top, and it’s been discontinued so I can’t buy more.

Thanks to the vet bills, the student loans, and the pay cut, my yarn buying days are few and far between these days.  But, I finally figured out that my pattern hoarding and project planning are not in sync with my yarn buying.  It seems that whenever I find a new pattern that I really, really want to undertake, I don’t have either the right type of yarn or lack some quantity.  And, when it comes to the “better” yarns that I’ve been lucky enough to acquire over the past couple years, I’m afraid to use them because I don’t want to mess them up.  It makes no sense, but that’s how my mind works.

I did find a few things during the process.  I found that several yarns I thought I had were either used up and never removed from my Ravelry stash, or they were traded away in a swap and not noted as such.  But, I did have one really nice discovery.  Sometime last year, I cashed in the $20 scratch-off win I got from Eat.Sleep.Knit the year before, and the yarn I bought was never added to my Rav database, so I forgot I had it.  And, it’s a nice skein too.  Malabrigo Sock in Tiziano Red…yum!!  I bought it to perk me up and then just tossed it into the closet when it arrived.  It was a nice perk-me-up to find it again this weekend!


As soon as I finish my State Fair projects, I’m making a commitment to crochet from stash ONLY.  I don’t know if I should have stated that publicly because I’d hate to be held to that promise.  We shall see how it all works out!


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