The Ribbons of My Labor

April 20 thru April 25, 2016


First, I almost adopted a dog yesterday!  That pic is not of a dog.  That pic is of a baby goat I fell in love with and would have adopted if I had somewhere to keep it.  The dog was a terrier mix named Heidi who was super friendly and super cute.  My friend was not super supportive of the idea of me getting a dog, so when she disappeared from the tent, I figured I’d better walk away before I broke out my credit card to pay the $150 adoption fee.

Now for the results.  I didn’t sweep the categories like last year.  I also didn’t win Grand Champion.  In fact, they didn’t have signs up with the names of the Grand and Reserve Grand Champions like they did last year.  I did, however, win 2nd place overall in the Needle Arts division, which is what Reserve Grand was last year!  Woo hoo!!  The entry that won 1st (or Grand) was a gorgeous (and huge) cross stitch sampler.  Very well-deserved first, in my opinion.

Here are pics of all my items on display:

In the first pic, my items are all 4 on the top shelf, the little green purse between the afghans on the bottom left, and the blue cowl on the far right…


In the second pic, my items are the sweater on the far left, the 3 toys on the left, and the 3 doilies on the top shelf…


And here’s a close-up of the sweater and its ribbons:


I need to find a child-size hanger if I’m going to enter that sweater in the State Fair.  It looks horrible on a regular size one.

In summary, I got 5 blue “Supreme” (1st) ribbons, 2 red “Excellent” (2nd) ribbons, 3 white “Good” (3rd) ribbons, and 3 green “Participant” ribbons.  Plus that big pink one for 2nd overall!

The sweater tied for 1st with the purse so, as far as I could tell, they didn’t award a 2nd in the Crochet-Clothing category.  When I picked up my ribbons after the Fair, I realized that they had changed my purse from the Clothing category to a Felting category I didn’t even know they had.  So, in Clothing, 1st was the sweater, 2nd was the hat, and the cowl got a participation ribbon.  I lost 3rd to the cute monkey hat in the first pic.  I lost a 2nd in the Crochet-Decorative category to, I believe, the big basket on the far right in the 2nd pic.  And I lost a 2nd in the Toys category to the trio of sock monkeys in the 2nd pic.

The only one that I feel kind of bad about is that the Yellow Roses “only” got a 3rd.  I had planned to take that one onto the State Fair, but maybe it’s not “good enough.”  I don’t mean that in a bad way; there is just so much creativity and talent in this world and some things are going to, obviously, lose out to others.  I want to make the best showing I can, so if it means making a different doily for the State Fair, then I guess I’ll have to make that sacrifice.

I’ve only got 6 or 8 other projects I’m hoping to finish by August.  What’s another one???


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