In the Background

April 26 thru June 1, 2016

I haven’t been writing much lately.  There really hasn’t been anything to chat about.  I do my work, commute from my dining room to my living room, crochet, maybe hang out with a friend or two, yell at the cat to get off the couch while I’m crocheting, do a little laundry or dishes or move clutter (mail & yarn & the stuff that just appears from nowhere) from one stack on the counter to another stack somewhere else, and that’s about it.


(She’s always watching, always waiting, ready to curl up next to me and my yarn.)

And I miss Bella.  Today is the 7-month anniversary of her passing.  I think about her every single day and still talk to her sometimes like she’s here, sitting on the couch.  Yeah, I’m weird.  But when you’ve been doing something for 13 years that made you feel good, it’s hard to stop doing it.

As for crochet (another thing that makes me feel good), I’ve been doing a lot of that.  I haven’t updated my other pages here (the patterns or the pics…I’ll get around to it eventually), but I have been busy.  As I’ve mentioned before, this year has been my most productive crochet-wise.  (And, no, I don’t crochet during work hours!  Well, I do occasionally crochet during “Judge Judy” at lunchtime.)  I’ve made cowls, stuffed critters, potholders and dishcloths.  I’ve completed 4 tests for designers and am in the middle of proofreading another one.  I’ve got 8 entries ready to go for the State Fair, so if I complete nothing else I’m OK with that.  However, I’m also working on 2 WIPs that are intended for the Fair, and I’ve got a couple others in mind if I have time.  I also have 2 WIPs for swap items that need to be completed this week.  And I have 2-5 never-ending WIPs that I just can’t bring myself to frog yet.

Then there are patterns in my Ravelry library that are tagged as ASAP.  Many of them aren’t as ASAP as they were when they were added, but a good dozen or so are definitely items I want to make very soon for various reasons.  To make it more insane, I’ve purchased yarn to make a few of them.  I’ve thought about taking the drastic step of getting rid of all yarn that doesn’t have a specific pattern assigned to it.  Problem is…when I think of doing that, I imagine that the PERFECT pattern will be released just hours after the yarn has left my house.

Ahhhh…if only I had a bigger house and money enough to not need to work, all of these crochet-related dilemmas would be solved. 😉

On an exciting, non-crochet-related note, I bought a new car!  Well, I leased a new car.  There really wasn’t anything wrong with the car I traded in (my hamster Soul).  I bought the Soul when I had a seriously upside-down trade, plus I got a terrible interest rate, so my payments were high.  It didn’t matter for several years because I could afford it.  With the financial changes I’ve had lately, and a little over a year left to pay on it, I needed another way to cut expenses, and trading in my car was one of them.  I was pretty nostalgic about it (who cries when they trade in a car for a new one???) because Bella and I went on a lot of great road trips together in that car.  It was also the car I drove to visit the redneck every weekend.  So, it was difficult.  But, now I have a bright, red, shiny new car to drive to Denver next weekend, where I’ll be meeting my sister and 2 of her friends, and we’re all going to see Barenaked Ladies at Red Rocks (provided the uphill trek from the parking lot to our seats in that high mountain air doesn’t kill me).


I’m also planning trips to Crested Butte in July, San Antonio in August, and New Orleans in October.  That should put a nice big dent in my mileage for the year, which means I may not venture far from home in 2017.

But, that’s OK because I’ve got enough yarn and patterns here to keep me busy!




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